Greed is the root of being cheated

Changbai mountain area has a lot of people will be hunting, such as set pheasant, set hare, set wild boar, set tiger.Hunting is mainly to make full use of animal psychology, set traps on their way, and do camouflage, deceive animals into traps.Although these wild animals are also very careful of humans, it is difficult to escape the traps designed by humans.A wild animal, once trapped in a trap, does not know to move back, but will struggle forward until it is strangled to death.The main reason for this result is that the wild animals trapped in the trap have lost their minds and can not think of a way to escape.Once upon a time, there was an old customer to the mountainous area to buy local products, he saw a cat in a family is eating, the cat eating bowl turned out to be an antique.The old guest thought the owner was ignorant of antiques and tried to take advantage of them.The old man and the old lady chat, claimed to want to buy the old lady’s cat, let the old lady pay a price.The old lady told him, “The cat is not worth much, you can take it.”The old man was very happy and said, “How about 100 yuan?”The old lady said, “Ok, let’s make it 100 yuan.”The old man gave the old lady 100 yuan and said, “I took the cat away, and I’ll give you 10 yuan for the bowl that feeds the cat. Sell it to me.”The old man handed the old lady another 10 yuan.The old lady took the money, put the bowl away, and gave him another bowl. “Okay,” she said, “take both the cat and the bowl.”The old man was stunned and said, “I want the bowl where you fed the cat.”The old lady was delighted and said, “You can feed the cat in any bowl, but I can’t sell this one.I sometimes sell several cats a day, all pointing to the bowl to attract customers.”The old man realized that the old woman had not been duped, but herself.I was deceived because of greed.In ancient times, there was a banker who received an old man who wanted to change money.When the old man took out five ounces of real silver and asked to change it into copper, the shopkeeper said, “Your silver is not good, so I won’t change it.”The old man took out 10 taels of fake silver to exchange money, the shopkeeper agreed to exchange money, but the silver color is not good, the demand to reduce the exchange price, triggered the debate between the two sides.Just then, one of the old man’s relatives came with a package and said, “Old man, your son has brought us twelve ounces of silver and also a letter.”After reading the letter, the old man asked his son to exchange 10 liang of silver with the shopkeeper’s copper coins.Shopkeeper in weighing, found this broken silver a total of 11.3 double.He secretly happy and hide the truth, after the silver, the 9000 coins to the old man.After the old man left, a guest reminded the shopkeeper: “This old man likes to exchange fake silver for real copper.”The shopkeeper picked up a piece of broken silver and bit it with his teeth. He found that false silver was lead inside and only had a layer of silver skin outside. He asked to remind the person to take him to find the old man.The man demanded two ounces of silver from the shopkeeper to lead the way.After giving him 2 ounces of silver, the shopkeeper went to the old man with the fake silver.When they got to the place, the old man turned on the shopkeeper to cheat him with fake silver and wanted to arrest him to report to the government.The shopkeeper has no evidence to prove that his hands of false silver is the old man cheated him, had to recognize planting out of the body with real silver to the old man to leave.The shopkeeper later found that the man who led the way to himself, and the old man and bystanders are a group, they use the shopkeeper’s greed psychology, designed a number of routines, resulting in the shopkeeper in the role of greed psychology, lost reason was cheated three times, heavy losses.Zhang received a message on her mobile phone: “Anyone who comes to the longevity Health Care Company can get two eggs for free.It’s on the right side of the city centre square.”So, Aunt Zhang used her free bus card for the elderly to go to the downtown square, find the longevity health care company, and get two eggs for free.Then she took a seat in the hall.After a while, a middle-aged woman came to the stage and said: “Dad, mom, your age can be my parents, today I regard you as my own father and mother, in order to your health and longevity, today I represent the company to give you a free health tea.This product is extracted using high-tech production technology, our company can improve high blood pressure, artery influence, diabetes, stroke sequela, gallstones, kidney stones, the symptom such as coronary heart disease (CHD), if you can take three days, there is obvious, if even served for 10 days, mild symptoms, can be wiped out if even served for a month, can get better.Now I’m giving away a small bag for free. Raise your hand if you want one.”The audience raised their hands.The middle-aged woman said: “Mom and dad, this small bag is certainly free, now start to receive.”Time is not big, the middle-aged woman took out more than 100 bags of products on the end.Then, she took out a box of products, said: “Mom and dad, just a bag of products worth 10 yuan, after you go home to take it, you can feel mental state has improved, but can not achieve the purpose of treatment.Now we are recruiting people for trial products. Each person can receive 1-3 boxes, each box contains 10 bags of longevity tea.A box can be tried for three days. There is a deposit of 100 yuan.If there is no effect after three days, come back with the box for a refund.”Aunt Zhang thought, both she and her husband are hypertensive patients with diabetes. This product is so good, why don’t I take two boxes home and try it with her husband for three days?If it didn’t work and she didn’t lose money, she paid a 200 yuan deposit and received two boxes of the products.Other old people, mostly received two boxes, the middle-aged woman brought two big boxes of products were quickly taken out.Three days later, Aunt Zhang found that the longevity tea had no effect at all. When her daughter returned home, she found that the so-called longevity tea was a product of three no-nos.Aunt Zhang was very angry and took two empty boxes to the longevity health care company, which found that the so-called longevity health care company did not exist, but a group of people in this place to rent the venue to sell products.More than 500 old people were deceived in three days, and the old people were mad.In fact, this group of people to cheat the old people, first with two eggs to lure the old people to listen to the lecture, and then with free products to lure the old people to receive.Because they believe that the products can specifically treat common senile diseases, they stimulate the purchasing psychology of the elderly.Then they set up a trial deposit, invalid refund trap, causing the elderly to buy.After the success of the fraud, these people are empty.There is an old saying, “Covetousness in excess always brings harm.If you don’t have a contented mind, you will suffer a lot.”Who in the world is gullible?Only those who want to take advantage are deceived.Greed is a trap, and once you get into it, reason shuts down.If you want to take advantage, you have to be prepared to lose, because there is no pie in the sky.Remember: greed is the root of all evil, honesty is the foundation of all good.

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