Gao Ping Management department visited retired senior cadres

On the occasion of the Spring Festival, in order to do a good job in caring for the retired cadres of life, carry forward the Traditional virtue of respecting and respecting the elderly of the Chinese nation, let the retired cadres have a happy and festive Spring Festival.On January 26, Chen Defeng, secretary of the Party branch of Gaoping Management Department, led a team to visit retired cadres and send them greetings and condolence money on behalf of the organization.Chen defeng asked retired cadres about their health and living conditions, to understand the difficulties that the unit needed to help solve, and asked veteran cadres for their opinions and suggestions on the study and education of party history, and shared the provident fund blueprint.Retired comrades expressed heartfelt thanks to the organization’s care and sympathy, and wish the new development of housing provident fund transformation to a new level.

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