A property in Suzhou was sold at 1.35 million yuan below the market price, attracting 4 buyers to buy it!

On February 7th, in Suzhou city, Jiangsu Province, an interesting thing happened. A house buyer stood out among four buyers and successfully bought a house at 293 Changxu Road, Gusu District at a price of 740,000 yuan below the market price.This is a flat of Room 1101, Building 4, No. 293, Changxu Road, Gusu District, Suzhou, with a gross floor area of 135.55 square meters. License Number: 0010202386.The land area is 21.09 square meters, the property of the land is transferred, the use of urban residential land, the use period begins and ends on April 14, 2073, the license number is Su Guowei (2009) No. 04015196.Appraisal company after field investigation, give the appraisal price is 4.5 million yuan, this sale is the first time this house is sold publicly, this sale set the lowest transaction price is 3.15 million yuan.Buyers who want to buy the property need to sign up for the auction with a deposit of 630,000 yuan.This set of real estate this sale bidding cycle is one day, each price increase range shall not be less than 15000 yuan, this set of real estate there is no preemptive right.This house is sold publicly after the announcement of the information, because its lowest transaction price is lower than the market price of 1.35 million yuan, but has been as low as 23,200 yuan /㎡, so attracted the attention of a lot of buyers.This house has attracted a total of 5931 people to come to consult the specific relevant situation, among which 137 people are more interested after consulting and understanding, specially set up a reminder for this, and finally there are 4 buyers in the field after viewing and careful investigation, chose to sign up to participate in the bidding of this house.In the bidding cycle, 4 buyers have made a total of 42 bids, and finally the total price of 3.76 million yuan, the transaction unit price is 27,700 yuan /㎡.The final transaction price of this house is higher than the lowest transaction price of 610,000 yuan, but also lower than the evaluation price of 740,000 yuan.So do you think this buyer is worth it to get this property at this price?# Properties # For more highlights, check out the house stuff

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