Chongqing telecom network fraud cases continue to decline

Recently, the Public security Bureau of Banan District in Chongqing announced a newly cracked telecom network fraud case:The suspect through the “beauty chat” way, to send sexy video and other means to weaken the victim’s awareness of prevention, lure the victim to participate in the network gambling, and then control the network gambling software fraud.This is one of the numerous telecommunication network fraud cases that our city public security mechanism cracked.In October 2021, the Rule of Law Office of the CPC Central Committee conducted field inspections on the construction of a law-based government in eight provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities including Chongqing, and found a number of experiences and practices in deepening the practice of building a law-based government.Among them, the city launched the national anti-fraud special action at the beginning of last year, effectively cracked down on the governance of telecommunications and network fraud crime, achieved obvious results, won the central Office of the Rule of Law affirmation.Accurate publicity, to create a strong atmosphere of anti-fraud and prevention, are important means to curb the telecommunications network fraud crime.The promotion of people’s awareness of prevention, for reducing the occurrence of telecom fraud cases, is a top priority.”TV in this’ anti-fraud zone ‘good, there are police explain how to prevent fraud routine, good and practical!”Recently, Ms. Li, who lives in Yubei District, has been telling relatives and friends about the “new things” she has discovered.Ms Li said “anti-fraud zone”, is the city anti-fraud center for the general public to present a “gift package”.As long as you open the Network TV set-top box of China Unicom and China Telecom, you can see the “anti-fraud propaganda zone” in the free zone of the page.”Anti-fraud zone” there are 6 sets of “anti-fraud small classroom”, the city anti-fraud center police incarnation lecturer, through the real case, expose the “killing pig dish” and other five types of fraud, interpretation of the victim’s psychology, summed up cheat secrets.There are many such novel anti-fraud propaganda in our city.Last October 22, “the hottest anti-fraud dance Forest” national dance competition in Chongqing division final held in the city’s People’s Square.The contest was broadcast live through wechat video number and other platforms, attracting nearly 100,000 people to watch online, so that both inside and outside the audience feel the anti-fraud craze.”We have adopted a combination of ‘flood irrigation’ and ‘precise drip irrigation’ to promote the prevention of telecom and network fraud.”The city public Security Bureau criminal investigation team related person in charge of the introduction, fraudsters will be tailored to different groups of people “scam”, so the police must also be targeted by people, accurate publicity.To this end, the city anti-fraud Center and southwest University of Political Science and Law carried out psychological research on victims, carefully formulated a series of publicity strategies, explored the preparation of early warning, dissuade and accurate publicity manuals, widely pushed on the wechat public number and the city’s mainstream media.For the elderly group, Blue Majia anti-fraud public welfare activities to help the elderly in the way of community in the city held 100 public lectures, for the city’s hundreds of thousands of elderly people to send anti-fraud knowledge.Dissuade in a timely manner, the number of electric fraud cases in the city declined significantly in addition to publicity activities, what measures can ensure better “prevention”?Many districts and counties in our city have increased investment, launched multi-party participation, took a series of early warning dissuasion effective measures against telecom network fraud.”The subscriber you dialed is busy now…”On March 19, nanan District branch tongyuan Bureau police station received the city anti-fraud center sent to the district anti-fraud center a clue: district residents Ms. Wan suspected telecom fraud, need to be dissuaded in time.Police station police Zeng Lizhen hurriedly picked up the phone, trying to contact Ms. Wan, but the phone came to the busy tone.Ceng Lizhen felt that the situation was serious, tried his best to contact the husband of Ms. Ten thousand, through him to find Ms. Ten thousand, exposed the trick of the cheater.How to accurately find and intercept potential victims has always been a difficult problem for public security organs.To this end, the city anti-fraud center will be investigated in the relevant clues as early warning instructions are divided into “low risk, medium risk, high risk, special risk” four categories, according to the principle of territoriality distributed throughout the city to carry out early warning and dissuasion work.According to the classification, the Anti-fraud center of Nanan district has formulated the working steps of “call – door – block – stop loss”.For example, for the warning instructions of “high risk” or “special danger”, the Anti-fraud center of Nan ‘an District will contact the police station of the area where the potential victim is located in the first time while warning the potential victim by telephone, and the police of the police station will meet and dissuade the potential victim.But the strength of public security alone is far from enough.For this, each department develops linkage in succession, started a nationwide battle of resistance.At present, all the streets and towns of the city have built anti-fraud early warning dissuasion specialist (concurrent) professional team and brought into grid management, last year only to carry out door-to-door warning dissuasion work of potential victims reached hundreds of thousands of people, effective early warning rate of 99.9%.Since June 2021, the number of telecom network fraud cases in the city has shown a continuous downward trend, with a year-on-year drop of 21.4% as of December 20 last year.In January and February this year, the number of cases of telecom network fraud in the whole city dropped significantly compared with the same period last year.Intensive police force, the annual arrest of 13,800 suspects of electric fraud strong attack, forming a strong deterrent, is to curb the high incidence of telecommunications network fraud another important means.February 18 this year, Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau announced that under the guidance of the Ministry of Public Security, the municipal Public Security Bureau criminal investigation team combined with banan District Public Security bureau, successfully cracked a ministry of transnational telecom network fraud case, string and the national case of more than 470 cases, identified the amount involved amounted to 400 million yuan,A total of 168 suspects were arrested, including 55 suspects who were financiers and backbones of overseas fraud links, and a large transnational network fraud criminal group was destroyed in the whole chain.This case, it is a microcosm that our city strikes telecom network fraudulently.Last year, the city’s public security organs organized crime solving and cluster campaigns, detected 28,800 telecom network fraud cases, the loss of more than one million yuan of major cases, social impact of major cases led by the city anti-fraud center organized supervision.We cracked a large number of cases, including the “June 15” cross-border pig slaughtering and telephering gang case, in which 13,800 suspects of telephering were arrested and 10,900 suspects of fraud and upstream and downstream related crimes were transferred for prosecution.At the same time, the city also organized a time-limited clearance of clues about local fraud dens, destroying 197 dens and capturing 989 suspects;Organized and carried out “card cutting” action, captured more than 6,800 suspects of “two cards”, imposed financial punishment on more than 8,100 suspects, and put 421 suspects into communication blacklist management;We carried out operations to cut off the flow of traffic, and arrested more than 1,400 people who recruited and illegally left the country.(Reporter Zhou Song) Statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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