Women’s football team Tang Jiali received “new identity” : promoting the integration with the English Premier League, the consul General personally wrote praise

The annual Spring Festival holiday has come to an end, and everyone has returned to their jobs one by one and resumed the busy work and life pattern at home and work units. The women’s football team has triumphed back from the Asia Cup in India and ushered in their rare holiday.The women’s team took off from Mumbai, landed at Shanghai Pudong airport and checked into their hotel, all the way to the national fans’ keen attention, the hope of Chinese football is placed on them, although the responsibility is too heavy, but the men’s team is no longer counted on.Women’s football is now more of a symbol of the spirit, and their unyielding spirit can be applied to any sport in sports, or even everything in our life.So now they are training not only for the competition, but also for the development of women’s football and the sports culture in general.China’s sports industry needs teams like women’s football to stand out and attract more and more people to participate in and pay attention to sports.Tang Jiajia, the champion of The Women’s football team, has returned to London to report to her club, Tottenham Hotspur, without returning to China or taking a rest.Many Chinese fans met Tang at the London Airport, which shows that Tang already has many fans in London, of course, she has not fully established herself in Tottenham. So far, she has only started 1 game in 5 games of English Women’s Football League, and had 1 assist. Tang Still needs to work hard in Tottenham.But tottenham after seeing Tang jiali Asian Cup 5 games made 5 goals outstanding performance, I think will reuse her.After the Women’s football team won the Asian Cup, the British consul General in Shanghai congratulated the team and spoke highly of Tang.Have Tang Jiali from Shanghai women’s on loan to the British woman rivals tottenham, so compared with the British consul general in Shanghai is decree by destiny, consul general of Tang Jiali combine excellent performance of the shot in the final, borrow the spurs describe Tang Jiali evaluation, said Tang Jiali is the queen of the north London, and hopes to Tang Jiali as a British woman in the Chinese players,With this special status, we can promote the cooperation and development of sports between China and the UK.Tang replied to the consul General’s congratulations, saying she was willing to contribute to the common development of sports between China and the UK.It is very rare to be praised by the consul General.In the future, Tang Will bear the responsibility of learning and helping each other between the domestic and British football teams. Of course, both the Men’s and women’s football teams in England are stronger than us. Tang will mainly learn from the experience there, gain rapid growth, and help the Chinese women’s football team more.We hope that she, as an ambassador of sport, will help promote football exchanges between the two countries and bring more Chinese players abroad to play in the English league, which is what we hope to see.While I am happy for Tang, I also hope that the fans’ attention and love for women’s football can continue. We should pay attention to the development of women’s football regardless of whether there is a match or not. You don’t need to spend money to support women’s football, as long as you pay more attention to the dynamics of women’s football at ordinary times, I think it is enough.

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