True feelings warm heart to do real sympathy work supervision escort to protect the interests of the masses

“The Party and the country will never forget you for your contribution to the country.”Liu Xue, the standing member, secretary of the yongqiao district commission for discipline inspection, and director of the yongqiao district supervision commission, holds the hand of Zhou Qingbang, a needy veteran party member from Luring town, and says passionately.Recently, the leading team of the discipline inspection commission and supervision commission in the nearest township, neighborhood, and district will go to visit and investigate the nearest township before the holiday, so as to bring warmth to the people and help them solve the problems.To each department each unit before the festival clean reminder, ring the alarm bell.”When was this house built?Does it leak in rainy days?Enough for the winter…”Area vice secretary of discipline inspection commission, deputy director of committee Lu Xuefeng when spring Tuo river street community to visit the field to see the difficult populace’s living environment and living conditions, in-depth understanding of community service, epidemic prevention and control, etc., and combining research on problems found during the process, adopt the method of the site office, help the streets and communities and docking OuZhi related responsible for unit, put forward correction request and the time limit,It requires precise implementation of grid working measures, which should be both fine and “temperature” to put the work into practice.”The work of rural revitalization is in our time and will benefit future generations.We will cherish the opportunity, strengthen practice exercise, learn from the people and grassroots cadres, do more practical good!”Visiting sanli village village rural revitalization team in Dadian town, wu Jun, the selected cadres of the district Commission for Discipline inspection and supervision, said firmly.Lifting people out of poverty is not the end, but the beginning of a new life and a new struggle.Since 2021, the inspection and supervision commission of the nearest bridge district will focus on the special supervision on the effective connection between the achievements in poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, and the special supervision on the transition period will be carried out in the nearest link and key areas, so as to supervise the implementation of the supporting policies and measures and boost rural revitalization.”We should not only start from ourselves, stick to the standard, but also based on our supervision responsibilities, implement the assignment, and continue to send out a strong signal that compliance with rules and discipline is more stringent than usual, and violation of discipline and responsibility is more serious than usual, and create a clean and upright festival atmosphere.”District finance bureau discipline inspection group leader Song Lei in the section before the clean government reminded the talk said.For discipline rules, consolidate the attitude construction achievement, promote remedy for “four winds” quality development, create a fresh air wind is festival atmosphere, district commission for discipline inspection supervisor committee in the district to carry out the implementation of the central eight spirit, supervision and inspection of the supervision and inspection found problems, timely by issuing proposal for discipline inspection and supervisory work proposal, prompt the single form,To remind and supervise, urge responsible units to analyze problems, find out the crux of the problem, according to the list of problems to grasp the rectification, effectively form a “whole chain” closed-loop mechanism of “finding problems – tracking the whole process, supervision and rectification”.”Incorruptible, see the New Year;Clean, clean, watch the festival.”埇 bridge discipline supervisor committee will continue to implement the party’s six times the 19th session spirit, insist on people first, strengthen the political supervision, persistence is the wind against discipline, promote specific work to carry out the fine, ensure the people live a more comfortable and happy in the New Year.(Tao Yunting)

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