Rain and snow weather occurred in many places. Traffic departments melted ice and cleared snow to ensure the safety of the Spring Festival travel rush

Now, it is the peak of the return to work, in order to cope with the impact of the rain and snow weather in recent days on the return of the Spring Festival travel, traffic departments around the ice removal, strengthen inspection, to ensure a safe and orderly Spring Festival travel.Light snow has been seen in Aksei County, Dunhuang City, Yumen City and Suzhou District of Jiuquan, Gansu Province, on February 11, 2008.The transportation department immediately launched the emergency plan for snow and ice weather, organized personnel to spread anti-skid material and snow melt agent on sharp bends, steep slopes and other easily frozen sections, and dispatched snow removal equipment to clear snow on the roads under its control.At the same time, effective measures were found and timely adopted to fix the anti-dazzle net of the national highway central isolation belt to prevent safety accidents.These two days of a wide range of rain and snow weather also leads to the nanchuan, chongqing wanzhou, pillars, zhongxian, fengjie, 10 districts such as unitary Yang appeared at an altitude of 500 meters above the road snow ice, each district and county of chongqing highway management departments out emergency rescue vehicles, spilling snowmelt agent, the melting ice snow removal, remove roadblocks, strengthen patrol, to ensure a smooth flow of traffic trunk line the province.[Source: CCTV News client editor: Bai Yang]

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