Open the way of spring through time and space!A date for classical art by meixi Lake

(In the Spring of the Year of the Tiger, the Grand Theater of Meixi Lake International Culture and Art Center will present six high-definition performances of classic art in the “Classical Meeting Room”.)(The series of performances adopt a combination of offline broadcasting and physical performance.)(Starling City residents can have an intimate encounter with a world-famous masterpiece of art across time and space.)Stars online February 5 news (stars all media reporter Tang Qianqian intern Liu Lihui correspondent Hu Ting) swan Lake ballet dancer, nutcracker and girl sweet dance, the bell of Casimodo……During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, citizens of Star City encountered many classic scenes by meixi Lake.February 3 solstice on February 5th (year 3 to year fifth), mei sihu international cultural and artistic center grand theatre launched six “classical lounge” classical art hd projection, there taken offline and the real combination of performance, lets star city citizens and the world famous classical art masterpiece open an intimate contact across time and space.This “Classical Lounge” hd series of classic art screening includes “Nutcracker”, “Swan Lake”, “Notre Dame of Paris” and other well-known plays.Mr. Li, a citizen from Changsha, said that this unique screening mode is an innovative form of performance in the epidemic era. It is not only of high artistic value, but also a way to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and he is looking forward to launching more works of different types in this form.(At the show.It is worth mentioning that this Spring Festival series includes not only elegant classical plays, but also talk shows that are popular among young people today.From changsha local talk public hee hee molecular label “hee hee god talk show” Spring Festival performances will be held on February 6-8, on February 12 to 15 days in mei sihu international cultural and artistic center during the multifunction theatre, king series show invited to gold, dashun, Chinakenke, Yer, blog posts and a series of well-known actors talk show,Starling city residents will be able to enjoy super fun, super fun performances and get up close and personal with famous cast members.

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