Michael Jordan ahead, Lebron James Behind, is the list of the 75 greatest PLAYERS in NBA history recognized?

All-star weekend has begun, and the results of the Rookie Challenge are in, with Barry beating Isaiah 25-20.Wagner Jr. made a foul on a Cunningham pass in the final seconds of the game to give Barry the rookie title.The upcoming All-Star game will be more exciting, but even the gathering of the stars could not mask the excitement surrounding the release of a list of the top 75 players in NBA history, which has become a hot topic of discussion.Fifteen reporters and editors of The Athletic jointly selected The top 75 NBA players of all time. All The top 75 NBA players of all time were announced. The Athletic’s editorial department published The votes of 15 participating reporters and judges.Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is no. 3 in the all-time top 10.Get votes – 4 2nd, 10 3rd, 1 6th.Six-time NBA champion, two-time NBA Finals MVP, six-time NBA Regular Season MVP, 19-time NBA All-Star, 10-time All-NBA First Team, five-time All-NBA Second Team, five-time All-NBA Defensive First Team, six-time All-NBA Defensive Second Team, two-time NBA Scoring champion, four-time NBA Block shot champion, etc.Kareem abdul-Jabbar’s legacy is a collection of historical honors. He was a complete ruler in the days before Michael Jordan and Lebron James, and no one has mastered his sky-hook skills yet.4. Bill RussellGet votes – 1 3rd, 8 4th, 4 5th, 2 6th.11-time NBA champion, five-time NBA Regular Season MVP, 12-time NBA All-Star, one-time ALL-STAR MVP, three-time All-NBA First Team, eight-time All-NBA Second Team, 1969 ALL-Defensive First Team (awarded in 1969), four-time NBA Rebounding champion.Nicknamed “The Lord of the Rings” for his unrivaled 11 NBA championship rings, including eight in a row, he is widely regarded as the best defensive center in NBA history.Number five, Magician John.Get votes – 1 3rd, 4 4th, 2 5th, 4 6th, 3 7th, 1 8th.Five-time NBA champion, three-time NBA Regular Season MVP, three-time NBA Finals MOST Valuable Player Award, 12-time NBA All-Star, two-time ALL-STAR MVP, nine-time All-NBA First Team, two-time NBA Steal Champion, four-time NBA Assists Champion, 1992 Olympic Gold medal, etc.In his rookie season, he recorded a triple-double in his first playoff game, won his first championship and became the NBA’s youngest-ever Finals MVP (20 years, 276 days).Elvin Johnson is the tallest point guard in NBA history and is considered the greatest point guard in NBA history.6. Wilt ChamberlainGet votes – 3 4th, 5 5th, 2 6th, 2 7th, 2 9th, 1 11th.Two-time NBA champion, 1972 Finals MVP, four-time NBA Regular Season MVP, 13-time NBA All-Star Team, 1960 All-Star MVP, 10-time NBA All-Nba Team, two-time NBA All-Defensive Team First Team, seven-time NBA Scoring Champion, 11-time NBA Rebound Champion, 1968 NBA Assists Champion, etc.Wilt Chamberlain is considered one of the dominant players in NBA history.He holds numerous historical records. He is the only player to average more than 40 and 50 points per game in a single season. His most famous record is 100 points per game.In addition, he is the only center in the NBA to win the assists title, chamberlain is the only player in NBA history to average at least 30 points and 20 rebounds per game in a season, and he did it seven times.7. Larry BirdGet votes – 3 7th, 6 8th, 4 9th, 2 10th.A three-time NBA champion, three-time NBA MVP, two-time NBA Finals MOST Valuable Player (FMVP), 12-time NBA All-Star, nine-time All-NBA First Team, one-time All-NBA Second Team, three-time ALL-DEFENSIVE Second Team, 1986 Player of the Year,Three consecutive NBA All-Star three-point contest champion and so on.In 1984, Bird became a free agent, but the NBA created a standoff between the Celtics and the Lakers by offering leniency to veteran players so that the Celtics could keep Bird, which became known as the “Bird clause.”Bird is the perfect embodiment of the Celtics’ pride, a blend of elegance, confidence and hard work that has propelled him into the top ranks of NBA players on both ends of the court despite his physical limitations compared to black players.No. 8 shaquille O ‘Neal.Get votes – 2 votes 5,1 votes 6,2 votes 7,2 votes 8,2 votes 9,2 votes 10,2 votes 11,1 votes 12,1 votes 13.Four-time NBA champion, three-time NBA Finals MVP, one-time NBA Regular Season MVP, eight-time All-NBA First Team, four-time All-NBA Second Team, two-time All-NBA Defensive Second Team, two-time NBA Scoring Champion, 15-time NBA All-Star Team, three-time NBA All-Star MVP, etc.Shaquille O ‘Neal’s NBA career averages are 23.7 points 10.9 rebounds 2.3 blocks;With 28,596 points, 13,099 rebounds and a 58.2 percent field goal percentage, he is one of the best centers in the NBA.O ‘neill’s main way to score into the lane of the dunk and the basket circle front of the small hook, because of the height of the body strong, he has in the interior line invincible lethality, and his ability to assist the same can not be looked down, block also let countless famous hero in the penalty area without success.In 2005, on his 35th birthday, O ‘Neal was ranked fourth on ESPN’s list of the 10 greatest centers of all time, behind kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt chamberlain and Russell, and the only active player in the league at the time.9. Tim DuncanGet votes – 1 vote 5,2 vote 6,1 vote 7,3 vote 8,3 vote 9,2 vote 10,1 vote 12,2 vote 13.Five-time NBA champion, two-time NBA Regular Season MVP, three-time NBA Finals MVP, 15-time NBA All-Nba Team, 15-time NBA All-Star Team, 15-time NBA All-Defensive Team (first in history), All-NBA Rookie of the Year, etc.On May 23, 2013, Duncan blocked 500 playoff shots, the most in NBA history.As one of the top two power forwards in history, Duncan and his team have gone beyond the meaning of “great” or “classic”. He is proficient in all kinds of inside offensive techniques, such as the back play with the ball under the basket, the penetration or shooting after the ball is held by the wings, and the 45-degree shot on the board from the left and right wings.On defense, Duncan can accurately predict the opponent’s position, good at disrupting the rhythm of the opponent’s offense, the first time to fill the defense, a good sense of blocking and accurate judgment of the defensive rebound.10. Kobe BryantGet votes – 2 votes 6,2 votes 7,2 votes 8,3 votes 9,2 votes 10,1 votes 11,2, 12,1 votes 13.Five-time NBA Champion, 1-time NBA Regular Season MVP, 18-time NBA All-Star Team, 15-time NBA All-Nba Team (including 11 first-team, 2 second-team and 2 third-team), 12-time NBA All-Defensive Team (including 9 first-team and 3 second-team), two-time NBA Gold Medal Winner, two-time NBA Scoring Champion.The MVP of the NBA All-Star Game four times.He is the best shooting guard in league history besides Michael Jordan.Bryant is only the fifth player in NBA history to play 20 seasons with a team.Kobe Bryant is the NBA’s best scorer, breakthrough, shooting, free throws, three points he is adept, almost no offensive blind zone.In addition to scoring like crazy, Kobe’s playmaking ability is also outstanding, and Kobe is one of the best defenders in the league.Of course, there are two other current players ranked in the all-time top 15 overall: 13.Kevin Durant.Three votes eleven, two votes twelve, four votes thirteen, three votes fifteen, two votes sixteen, one vote eighteen.Stephen Curry.One vote 10, three vote 13, three vote 14, two vote 16, one vote 17, one vote 19, one vote 20, one vote 24, one vote 28, one vote 30.Michael Jordan.Get votes — 12 first and 3 second.Six-time NBA champion, two-time Triple Champion, five-time MVP, six-time FMVP, 10-time Scoring champion, three-time Steal Champion, nine-time All-Defensive Player, 14-time All-Star, 10-time All-Nba First Team, One-time Defensive Player of the Year, two-time Olympic Gold Medal.Scoring, defense, leadership, the true god of basketball, Michael Jordan.Jordan is a god, because the 1990s belong to him. He is the best combination of business, athleticism and competitive spirit in NBA history. No one in NBA history can do the same perfect job on both ends of the offense and defense like Jordan.NBA championships, MVPS, he influenced an entire generation with these honors, so that fans of other sports could only watch Jordan elevate the art of basketball to new heights. Few of his successors could create an NBA career as perfect as his.On September 7, 2021, ClutchPoints published a poll of the best shooting guard of all time, in which Jordan ranked a commanding 77 percent of the 94,000 netizens who voted for him.No. 2 lebron James.Get votes – 3 1st, 8 2nd, 3 3rd, 1 5th.4 NBA championships, NBA MVP, 13-time First Team selection, 17-time All-NBA Selection, 5-time All-DEFENSIVE Player, 18-time All-Star, 40-time Player of the month, 36,526 points in the regular season, 7,631 points in the playoffs.Perfect leader, second in history, deserved it.James is considered to be one of the most versatile players in NBA history with his high IQ, penetrating drive, excellent vision and passing skills.Cut layup, dunk, often can lead to hit three points, mid-range jump shot mature, three-point shooting percentage has been more than 40%, excellent rebound and assist ability, steals and blocks are not bad, his versatility let everyone marvel.James often plays the point guard role, where he has a tremendous size advantage. His offense can attract two or three players to double teams, and his ball-sharing and passing skills allow teammates to get open shots.James also has a good sense of defense. He can often be seen in the game from behind to block a shot, or steal the ball after a fast break dunk, and even grab a defensive rebound after a quick drive to score.The only blemishes in his stats were free throws, where he averaged 6.7 shots per game on nine attempts, or about 75 percent.There is no doubt that most lists, whether by media or fans, still place Michael Jordan at no. 1 in history.

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