Gemi 100 inch 4K laser TV A3 set to challenge OLED TV color

It has been three years since the launch of the A2 laser TV in 2019.According to a preheated poster posted on @xgimi’s official weibo account, Gimi’s new 100-inch 4K panchromatic laser TV will be officially released on February 17. This new A3 device will also become the “killer” in Gimi’s intention to challenge the color performance of OLED TV.Although it has the projection audio-visual experience of super-large screen, considering the influence of hardware and other objective factors, projection equipment is often slightly inferior to OLED and other material TV products in terms of color due to various deficiencies.Therefore, when the official announcement of Jimi A3 “challenges the color performance of OLED TV”, it also aroused the curiosity of many industry insiders and projection enthusiasts.However, as of press time, information about the hardware configuration of the new A3 laser TV is still in doubt.While the previous version was released in 2019, the 2,300-ansi lumen and 4K resolution specs were well received. We’ll see how the new A3 builds on those specs on February 17.

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