Don’t take Alaska lightly. Experience tells you, don’t regret it!

Alaska is the biggest of the three idiots on the sled. Despite his gentle temperament, experience tells you not to breed him lightly.Why don’t you raise Alaska so easily?Reason one: before he took his owner out for a walk in Alaska, he imagined that he could take him for a walk after work every day.After feeding, fact: Don’t run so fast, stop!Because Alaska is born a sled dog, so it is more playful, and run very fast, it is often with the owner walking experience, girls do not easily raise it, because its strength is too big, it is easy to pull you away. Reason two:Said it “hands-on” ability to Alaska’s beginning ability, really like huskies have a spell, they’re not the kui is a good brother if feeding it, once it alone at home, waiting for you to come back after the “refreshed” will find home, be it down to look so will spend a large sum of money to replace the new furniture, a lot of people have will regret three reasons:Everyone will envy your Alaska puppies, or grew up, always a pair of cute appearance raised a lot of people, will be able to resist it, is always taking pictures bask in circle of friends, cause everyone to give it a thumb up, praised usually bring it out of the door, also will be affected by a lot of people to envy, so will cause your vanity four:It takes you to lose weight every day salas plus the amount of exercise is very large, it needs to have enough exercise every day, otherwise the energy will vent in the home therefore, raising Alaska, no matter how tired you are, it will not let you neglect, every day with you to lose weight reasons five:Alaskan is gentle and friendly to everyone, even if it is invaded by bad people, it can make friends with others, so it is impossible to raise it, want it to protect its owner or help watch the house, so do not easily raise it. Reason six:”Fragrance” is very thick, Alaska has a long, thick hair, it is not only love wool, feeding and body odor is very strong so Alaska, want to take it to clean up 1-2 times a year the anus gland, and clean up the foot, ear every day, bathe regularly to alleviate such as Alaska’s body odor, in addition to the regular cleaning, also should pay attention to the intestinal health,Can also cause the problem of body odor so keep it daily diet light, suggest the master it choose some dog food containing yucca powder, it can help relieve body smelly here recommend gluten-free foods of “pet”, it not only contains yucca powder, and fruit sugar composition, the intestines and stomach have very good control effect can enhance Alaska intestinal bacteria traffickers, fast recovery of intestinal flora,According to actual measurement, its salt content is more than 0.45%, and it also contains plantain seed formula that can reduce fire, which can reduce halitosis caused by fire. Cause seven:Even the intestines and stomach have small temper actually like huskies, Alaska has a glass stomach, if its food taste, intestines and stomach will play small temper so breeding in Alaska, a healthy diet is very important, also can give it feed 2-3 times a week, probiotics, help it to regulate gastrointestinal probiotics to choose some pets, however, still can enhance the body immunity,Here recommend “chan is not bored with probiotics” the pet probiotics contain three kinds of enzymes, 4 kinds of bacteria, through the inspection agencies and a number of tests, and the safety in each package probiotics strains contain up to 30 billion, the activity of flora can quickly intestinal microecological balance of Alaska, restore intestinal health epilogue: for breeding of Alaska, what’s your opinion?Feel free to share your tips in the comments section

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