Don’t look down upon the headmaster!Why?

Don’t look down upon the headmaster!Young teachers despise the headmaster. Why?Oneself record of formal schooling is high, ability is strong, teaching consciousness leads!I don’t like the principal!If you want the headmaster, you have to put yourself back ten years…Old teacher is not happy, want to teach a lesson young teacher, see a picture: some young teacher despise the president, old teacher hair advice young teacher just work, looking at the president is an antique, not pleasing to the eye!The concept of teaching has been backward, usually know the attendance brush face, even can only drink, love to buy things……I don’t know what teaching is.He saw right through the headmaster at a glance…So the young teacher set to work as he pleased…What does the headmaster think of young people?Young teachers have no teaching experience, no life hone, need to know that the pot is made of iron!You can’t grow up without a few falls!If any young teacher is pushy, the headmaster will put a little shoe on him and make him feel it.But in three years, you will get rid of your bad habit!What is the principal’s role?Good quality of the principal can also tolerate the publicity of young people, if the quality of a little problem of the principal, there will be no good fruit to eat young teachers!Although it can’t help young people grow up, it can make young people can’t walk!In addition, the young people are proud and skillful, and in their hearts, they want to rely on their true skills to speak…Unfortunately, the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny, can not stay for 3 years, the young teacher drooped his head!The president is very cow net friend say: net friend one: if the president is not an official, enough you drink a pot of, I was;The director of general bureau is not as big as the school principal, the power of the principal of the big school is bigger than the power of the deputy head of the county!Netizen 2: Actually, the principal has no talent and will not be assigned to the management level.Can deal with all things properly, arrange the teacher in the appropriate position, the principal is much stronger than the general teacher management ability!Old teachers are uneven and useless. They are really better than young people.The principal is different. A young teacher has been transferred to a marginal primary school for the last two years…Dumbfounded!Netizen three: evaluate duty, evaluate excellent choose first, ask for leave, any discipline, teach which grade……Campus “village host” ghost idea a lot, let you wear small shoes!Young teachers should keep a low profile.Be sure to be good at observation, observe the school “stockade host” illegal behavior: school finance is not open and transparent?Second, personal life, relationship, workload, social circle…Grasp the evidence to prevent being punctured!How to do?First, the president should be self-aware and keep pace with The Times.What is self-knowledge?Their learning is not as good as young teachers, so management teachers to advance with The Times, to serve the teacher, rather than teach the teacher!Teacher first, principal second!For example: Shenzhen middle school teachers, are tsinghua, Peking University, returned doctor, post-doctoral, look at the picture: Shenzhen middle school 2021 recruitment of young teachers, too cattle should be more easily looked down on by young people, but the principal of Shenzhen middle school was young people praised very high!What reason?The principal is good!Self-aware, broad-minded, do nothing, let young people grow up freely!Nature wins the respect of young teachers!Second, the young teachers and the principal to live, must know, not only knowledge, but also the world.To be a bit older, especially ordinary schools, young teachers if the edge, the principal will eventually mow down!After all, the gap between the principals of these schools and the principals of Shenzhen Middle School is too big!Third, blacksmithing depends on its own hard, young teachers should have real skills.Don’t look down on this, don’t look down on that!To really teach, good at teaching, to achieve students like, welcome parents, outstanding teaching achievements, there is still a way to go!To have the capital to despise the principal!If there is no real ability, but also high, that can only be castles in the air!Fourth, transposition thinking: you do not regard the headmaster as an official, what do you regard him as?The headmaster will bite you, he will trip you up and knock you over!Many fall a few somersault, young teacher honest!Young teachers depend on their skills and in short, young teachers have to respect the principal.To become a principal, in addition to the ability, there is a certain human connections, there is a background.The principal’s teaching ability may not be good, knowledge may not be good, but the principal can arrange people, will let people make the best of their talents, will also let talent waste!Don’t respect him. Stay away from him!There is no place for you, there is a place for you!

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