Combat training, sharpness of arms!Green marketing team battle flag hunting, sworn battle!

In order to help the marketing team can learn more green strategy in 2022, cultivate professional business team, enhance team cohesion and combat effectiveness, green marketing business school fifth session on February 10, 2022-12 in training base training, from the green marketing school of professional teaching team, the marketing company personnel to participate the training.Combining with the actual demand of the market, lvneng Marketing Business School has made a detailed promotion training plan from the training form and curriculum arrangement.The process of training for students is a new content added process, is also a process of knowledge update, is a reflection and integration process, the student’s professional level, make “iron army” has an important role, but also late to carry out activities related to the ground for the company laid a good foundation.Before the formal training began, the marketing team first carried out the outward training, the outward teacher gave us a comprehensive interpretation of the corporate culture, from the core mission, the vision of the group, a deeper understanding of the group values of “honor, partner, hard work, growth”!In the joy and cooperation, the team showed high learning passion and unity spirit.The opening course of the training was customer and Market Information Research and Channel Development Skills brought by Mr. Jin Symbiosis Jin, special tutor of Lvneng Marketing Business School.In the course, Mr. Jin conveys business skills in an easy-to-understand way, and the content is highly condensed with his classic cases and career achievements of many years.These two courses help the business team master how to improve customer service quality and channel development efficiency, so that the business team can complete the following work more efficiently.The second stage of the course is “Business Review” and “Product Strategy Portfolio” brought by Wang Junwang, dean of Lvneng Marketing Business School.Dean Wang led the students to learn the skills of product analysis, platform and channel review, analysis and planning report in operation review, helping the students to think from the perspective of customers and help customers to solve problems. Good review habits and review results can effectively help the operation.Manager Wang stressed that to become a professional business person with senior professional quality, we need to become the consultant of channel customers, solve all kinds of problems for customers in the process of operation, and truly achieve “consultant marketing, interventional management”.In the part of “Product Strategy Portfolio”, President Wang explained in detail the objectives, methods, conditions and core elements of product strategy portfolio, so that students understand the value of product strategy portfolio for the actual operation, only those who do a good job in product portfolio can lead in the market competition.The course is packed, with students constantly scribbling notes in their notebooks.The third stage of the course “Terminal Operation Plan” was delivered by Dean Yu Xinyu, vice dean of Lvneng Marketing Business School, and explained in detail six key parts including terminal image standard, product mix, atmosphere display, promotion and promotion, CRM system and human resource management. Lvneng Technology Group will make full efforts in terminal operation this year.Green can do to reflect the brand independent style, modular management, standardization implementation, efficient landing, in the industry’s terminal competition is bound to stand out.In order to satisfy the multiple terminal work effective fall to the ground, to the dean and terminal department to supervise mulberry and jointly promote the green in the meeting can end decoration process, standardize the store decoration early, mid execution, logistics, import, checking and accepting for standard process, can let the green decoration stores more quickly and more standard, for the growing new store decoration needs to be well prepared.The last course from green to tutor na zhang teacher zhang to explain the marketing business school in charge of the green team and channel to apply comprehensive WeChat “enterprise”, through the enterprise WeChat implement efficient internal management, convey information quickly, and promote customer communication, multi-function platform building, at the same time enterprise WeChat will be released as the unity of the green port, reduce the distance with the customer,Information communication is more direct.The 5th training course of Lvneng Marketing Business School is now over. This training course is innovative and full of dry goods, which is very significant for the promotion of sales skills, terminal operation and product knowledge and skills of the marketing team. Theory, interaction and simulation are combined in the course, allowing students to learn in an entertaining atmosphere.Despite the closeness of the course, all participants showed great interest from the beginning to the end, expressing the high value of the course and the benefits gained from the different tutors.In the course of training team integral competition, green can “tiger team” with outstanding performance won the champion, wang, dean of the award winning team pennants, with 12 champions students shout “tiger mountain, green for the king, and win win win” team slogan, dean king wants to see a tiger team continued performance of the work, again.The flag will also be embroidered with the names of the champion team members and displayed in the Marketing School of Business Hall of Honor.After the training course, enter the inspiring team training session.Carefully carved square for instrument, dental laboratories into steel!To the beat of drums and martial arts performances, six teams from 15 war zones lined up to raise flags, marking the start of the ceremony.After the ceremony, Liu Xiaoliu dong, Chairman of Green Energy Technology Group, gave the team an inspiring congratulatory speech, and promised that the company would create the best products, support the team with the best price and first-class service, and work together to achieve the goal.With the support of Liu Dong, the team was encouraged and the loud applause lasted for a long time.The next 6 teams took turns to take the stage, sonorous and powerful jointly read the military oath, the deafening “win” slogan, determined to fight the heroic ambition, will be the green marketing team elegant demeanor display incisively and vividly.After taking the oath, Mr. Wang Junwang, Managing Director of Lvneng Technology Group, handed over the military flag to Mr. Jin Symbiosis jin, deputy sales general manager of Lvneng Technology Group, giving the business team a new mission and task.Jin and every business elite in the audience are proud and ready to go, and their firm eyes show the indomitable courage to charge to the target, and they want to write the myth of Green energy again with firm belief!Mr.wong published next to a speech, with the aid of the Chinese women’s Asian cup title deeds, women’s football from 2-0 down, even if it is full of confidence in the women’s eyes see, in the second half equaliser to 2-2 we see women’s tenacity, 3-2 victory over South Korea last 93 minutes, we see is a dare to struggle, the spirit of efforts to win.Green energy team must also learn from the spirit of women’s football, never give up, never give up, as long as the goal to forge ahead, there will be harvest.In the end, Mr. Wang invited all the team members to raise their glasses and drink the grand wine together. He shouted passionately, “Green can stand up, fight to the end, win!””, instantly lit up all the fighting passion, for the green energy 2022 endeavor perfect opening.The wind gallops 2022· The wind starts to fight to the end and green energy will sprint to achieve the goal

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