6-5!Chinese women’s football team created a miracle!Point to kill Japan into the final, Zhu Jue 2 points, Wang Shanshan won

China defeated Japan 6-5 on penalty kicks to advance to the final of the 2022 Women’s Asian Cup.This match the women’s soccer girls withstood the huge pressure, in the number one star Wang Shuang injury is missing, still can beat the opponent tenacily.The fighting spirit of the girls in the women’s football team is touching. By contrast, the performance of the Chinese men’s football team is somewhat shameful.Wang Frost, China’s top star, was sidelined from the start because of a sprained ankle. We were extremely passive in the first half as Japan kept pushing us and Riko Uechi scored with a header in the 25th minute.Japan had a possession rate of 72.8 percent in the first half, 9 to 3 shots on goal and 3 to 0 shots on target, while China’s 0 shots on target reflected the huge impact of Wang’s absence.However, the girls did not give up. In the first minute of the second half, Xiao Yuyi lofted the ball to the left, and Wu Chengshu followed up and shot into the net, making the score 1-1.It is worth mentioning that Wu chengshu got the starting chance because wang Shuang was injured, and she proved herself with a precious goal, while Xiao Yuyi, who made an assist, just came off the bench, and the substitution directed by Shui Qingxia worked wonders.In the following matches, the Japanese team still dominated the attack, but the Chinese women’s football girls did not blindly defend, in the circumstances of the opportunity still dare to press forward to limit the opponent.After 90 minutes, the score was still 1-1 and the game went into extra time.Japan tried to score first in extra time when Nisha Shimizu hit the crossbar with a curling shot in the 97th minute.In the 103rd minute, Japan took advantage of a set piece opportunity by Riko Ueki’s header again, 1-2!VAR confirms the goal is valid.When the Japanese team thought to win, the 119th minute, Wang Shanshan equalized for the Chinese women’s soccer team, Zhang Xin left cross, Wang Shanshan inside the penalty area grab the front point outside the instep pad shot, VAR confirmed the goal is effective, 2-2!Finally, The Chinese women’s football team drew with the Japanese team, and the match went to the penalty shoot-out!In a suffocating penalty shootout, Zhu Jue saved the penalty kick from Japanese team captain Sakashi Kumagai.But Zhang xin pushed the ball wide.In the second round, Wei Hasegawa ran up and shot hard, zhang Rui also hit the goal, 1-1!Then shimizu Lisha, Yang Lina, Nagano Wind flower and Gao Chen hit the net. In the crucial fifth round, Zhu Jue saved nan Menghua’s penalty, and Wang Shanshan scored the winning goal!The Chinese women’s football team defeated the Japanese team 4-3 on penalty kicks and 6-5 on total points.Chinese women’s football team created a miracle!This is a day for Chinese women soccer girls!The Chinese women’s soccer team will face South Korea in the final, and Li Ying’s prophecy came true, she wrote before the match: “Tonight, efforts will have miracles.”Women’s soccer girls, did it!

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