Winter Olympics village food how “top”?Net friend: greedy cry…

While the Beijing Winter Olympic Games are in full swing, many foreign athletes and staff are fascinated by the delicious food in the winter Olympic village.On!!Dumplings, bean buns, malatang Roast duck, Kung Pao chicken, big cake…Looking at the envy of tears can not help but flow out of the mouth……1678 dishes!Who can resist the temptation of the food of the games in the village of meals that’s too rich for the 2022 winter Olympics athletes menu released 678 dishes from all over the world on the list in order to do ensure the catering team from June 2018 has been making menu final version 6 was approved by the international Olympic committee (ioc) sets the world eat, eat Chinese food in AsiaTables, file, halal meals pizza and pasta salad bar counter and spice fresh fruit, bread and desserts such as 12 kinds of counter during the game will have about 200 dish for athletes from all over the world every day to eat and to rotate every eight days for a cycle in order to meet the different tastes and dietary requirements and each dish beside the specially made a card to introduce dishes, nutritionPoints and raw materials are convenient for athletes to calculate the required energy can be said to be very intimate just looking at the menu has been unable to help open swallow saliva + imaginary order mode……Had known there were so many delicious when the selection of talent in the winter Olympics xiaobian high and low also have to make a good effort now only through the screen to watch the athletes of various countries “immersion” dazzle rice 2 come on, show!Besides skiing, what’s your favorite thing to do in Beijing Winter Olympic Village?On February 11, the snowboarding, three-time Olympic champion shaun white fans respond to questions in the video said “during the game I have been enjoying the food because the food here is so wonderful” some point also turn the camera shows a table delicacies in spite of oneself to marvel: “sweet and sour pork and kung pao chicken, Dan Dan noodles…It’s great!”American snowboarder Tessa Moder, who was touched to tears by a volunteer at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, posted several dishes of Chinese cuisine, including Kung Pao chicken, sweet and sour pork dumplings, Mapo tofu and Dan Dan noodles.”I tried sweet and sour pork, dumplings, mapo tofu and Dan Dan noodles. What else do you recommend?”Netizens generous directions spared no effort to recommend the Chinese food “eat hot pot!It’s every Chinese’s favorite!””Did you eat xiao long bao?I love xiaolongbao!””I love the Onions, peanuts, peppers and chicken. It’s so good!”She also praised the sweet and delicious snacks of jiangmi sticks in the Winter Olympic Village, and directly recorded her appearance when eating with the camera:First to a dumplings again bite scallion pancakes occasionally meet smile nodded to express the love for Chinese cuisine have a special liking to Chinese foreign athletes have a “wet skin of tofu” little sister, I love to eat 4 wet skin of tofu eat three meals a day on February 9, snowboarding woman U site skills Malta in the qualifying Janice, skin would only competitors from the bag took out half a when waiting for the resultLeftover wet skin of tofu at the camera carefully finished this scene has many call “cute,” she said of the red bean paste dumplings is her favorite food in the games village 6 poor appetite in the morning every day to eat on the performance such as found in backpacks wet skin of tofu decided to cure yourself give yourself a little sweet “too nervous to eat in the morning now finished action finally can eat” five food by thousandsJutta Riordan, 23, a speed skater from the Netherlands, chose malatang with a more “Chinese taste” and ate it with relish, attracting the attention of many Internet users. “What the hell is that food?” one netizen wrote.Then a number of netizens who are familiar with China answered the question “China’s famous snack — Malatang” and many foreign netizens were called by malatang circle fans after watching the video “I love it so much, it must be delicious!”Julia Marino, who finished second in the women’s snowboard slopestyle at the Winter Olympics, said in an interview with NBC news on February 7 that her favorite food at the Winter Olympics village was dumplings.”(village) since he came here I probably ate 200 dumplings I come back from the mountains, a training will go to eat dumplings” marino also mentioned at the end of the training and competition she can listen to music, dancing and singing with my friends to spend leisure time 7 day consumes more than 100 kilograms of more than 80 duck it is reported that China’s dumplings, roast duck, very popular in the games village peakAn American athlete said he tried roast duck on his first day here. Members of the Russian Olympic Committee delegation also said dumplings were a particular favorite.Philippe Fjeld Anderson from Norway also shared a video of himself checking in at the Olympic Village: ‘All the food and drink is free and I’m about 10 pounds heavier when I leave here!’International Olympic committee (ioc) President Bach to yanqing games village after inspection also said “I have to say if I stay in the village in three days I will long ten catties, the meals here is too delicious” Bach says “I spoke with the way of all the athletes of the rooms, meals and service here very satisfied I was pleased” (are swallowing small make up:I can also reluctant to give them a fat) 9 netizen message: the envy of tears from the corners of the mouth to know why I so fat since the athletes in the games village since a wide variety of food is conquered countries netizen: “when the Chinese Olympic fat three times” “this is to have a meal, conveniently than a game” sichuan cuisine, guangdong cuisine, shandong cuisine, hunan cuisine…Netizens could not help but drool, “You know why I am so fat”, “There are so many delicious Chinese food”, from breakfast to snack a delicious food is put on the table not only to meet different dietary needs, but also let athletes fully feel the Chinese hospitality and the way of “everyone eat well!Good drink!””Nothing is a meal can’t solve if you have, that’s two” Chinese food and culture charm again gathered the world “only Chinese food do not live up to” “through the games, let the world know more about China” have to say that our great Chinese food so much hope for success of the sports stars can brave at the same time also can enjoy,If you had to choose one Chinese food to recommend to them, what would you benefit from it?Say it in the comments section!More news “Contestant No. 1 wok and basin No. 3 are too close to call, next watch…”Forever!!!No!Put!Abandon!

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