Record the 10th anniversary exhibition of “Metaphysical Design” in Ningbo

Design work the folder finishing set | Design By jiangyin landscape culture communication co., LTD., the Time:When walking on the streets of Ningbo, people are often attracted by the shops and venues with unique style, elegant environment and full of beauty and interest. Sometimes, they can’t help walking into the shops to appreciate them or even stopping for a rest or consumption.For example, the elegant and slightly nostalgic Ningbo “candy wrappers dessert” shop is favored by the post-80s consumer group, because they taste the dessert and also review the sweet memories of collecting various kinds of candy wrappers in their childhood.”Wife adult” quantity snack chain stores, with a pretty lovely female image successfully captured a large number of female consumer groups and their lovers, husbands and other male consumer groups;Hidden in the heart of the bustling city “line green coffee yard”, so that all day busy tired urbanites enjoy the “suburbs of time” bring leisure and quiet……Yesterday morning, in the city cultural center 117 art center, “metaphysics design 10 years” opened, the reporter learned over there, these store brand image design that leaves a deep impression in the heart of ningbo citizens, from the brand image design agency of Ningbo native –, “metaphysics design” the hand of a few creative designers.In the exhibition hall, the reporter met ding Fengru, creative director and one of the four partners of “Design metaphysics”, and learned about their design concept and entrepreneurial process through the interview.”Metaphysical Design” was born out of “New Youth Studio” established in ning University in 2002.At that time, the key members of the studio were Ding Fengru, Zou Yuping and Ji Yishen, students majoring in advertising design from the School of Communication and Art of Ningbo University, and Zhang Feng, a student majoring in architecture.In 2003, the studio won the gold medal in the fifth National College Students Platinum Creative Graphic Design Competition.In 2004, he won the gold medal of the third Ningbo International Poster Biennale · International Student Design Competition.In the same year, the name “Metaphysical Design” was formally established.After graduating from university in 2005, the four like-minded “friends” still chose to stay together in Ningbo and continue to struggle for the “Metaphysical Design” they founded together.Four years of college classmates of love with the tacit understanding cooperation for many years, let the team they ascend the stairs in the 10 years of ups and downs, not only the “metaphysical” design into a native brand design industry in ningbo be influential professional institutions, also with persistent stick, solidarity of entrepreneurial experience writing design a much-told story.Is a partner, but also a professional designer, 4 people fight side by side, close cooperation, so that peers “envy envy hate”.Ding Fengru said, there have been other design companies out of high salaries to poach, but 4 small friends who are not tempted.”We are like brothers who have known each other for so many years and will not easily give up the ‘metaphysical design’ built from scratch.”10 years, they produced in ningbo dessert “wrappers”, “the wife’s adult” snack chain, MQD Macedonia volume sales children’s clothes, “green coffee yard”, and many other well-known local brand, successively dapao, tang lion, ives, youngor, star power such as the national famous brand the optimization and upgrading of design services, become a new force in recent years the domestic industry.Their works have also been selected for various design, art competitions and exhibitions at home and abroad, and won many awards.At the same time, “Metaphysical Design” also participated in a number of cultural public welfare projects, such as the planning of ningbo Art Museum IGDB International Design Biennale over the years, the city cultural Center 117 art Center preparation and design work.In 2011, “Design metaphysics” was selected as the first “Top Ten Young Cultural Stars of Ningbo” as the only group participating in the competition.”A good brand image design, can improve product added value and the corporate image of intangible value, but the brand design is not everything, its value depends on the quality of the product, there is no good products, good brand design again trashy also, so, we will be more cautious on the project, get to know and inspection products and the characteristics of the enterprise,If the product is not good, even if people pay more, we are not willing to take over, because we have to stick to our professional philosophy and ethics, and maintain our image in the industry.”Ding Feng ru said.For them, the most gratifying thing is that the designed products are recognized by consumers and succeed in the market competition.He explained that when they took over the “candy wrappers” three years ago, they were inspired by the candy wrappers they had collected as children.The colorful candy wrappers remind young people of their childhood, so the theme of “travel and Memory” is “paper planes, postcards, postmarks and other visual images, showing the classic, nostalgic and impressionistic style of” candy wrappers “.Short 3 years, “sweet paper dessert” brand image deepens consumer heart, open the market quickly, already opened in Shanghai at present more than 20 chain stores, thunder force Hong Kong to pass straight “full record dessert”.On the occasion of the 10 anniversary of “metaphysical design”, four partners intend to for his 10 years relevant working experience and work on a review and comb, willing to put them in the exploration and practice in the formation of the major methods and case work to share with the industry and the public, promote the exchange and the development of the local culture creative design industry.The exhibition runs until September 8.

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