It is “abundant feast” for BBA to enjoy the rights and interests of L7 users.

Just last week, zhiji L7 Pro, the first mass-produced model of the company, announced a price of 408,800 yuan.A lot of people fryer. Why sell $40?But in fact, if you understand the product power of Ji L7, then maybe you can understand.3.87sec 100km acceleration, rear wheel steering (12°), braking distance 32.69m, Williams tuning, all-wheel drive steering system, 180+ clean taste class…In fact, any product force label is enough to foil this “new world driving control flagship” not common.For prospective users, after identifying a favorite car through concrete product power, they will further understand the rights and interests of users who buy cars.At the communication meeting, L7 zhiji announced the rights and interests of angel round users and rights and interests of A round users.Angel round user rights and interests in the configuration of the upgrade, it can be described as a bright spot.You can see it in detail in the figure below.At present, the angel round user rights and interests have all been full.Let’s take A look at the equity of the owners of Series A, and it’s actually A good idea to think about the equity of the owners of Series A.Among them, in terms of configuration and upgrade, there are some optional configurations that can be upgraded for free for users of round A, in other words, they are directly added.In addition to the visible configuration upgrade, Zhiji L7 to the rights and interests of A round users is also “all-inclusive”.For example, the whole vehicle and three electric lifetime warranty or eight years 240,000 km warranty and free 20,000 crystal (two options) and other services.It basically covers all the needs of daily cars. In fact, from this aspect, it is very thoughtful.In addition, in terms of the core hardware and software of electric intelligent vehicles, the users of round A will use the IM AD evolutionable intelligent driving assistance system for free for 3 years. These configurations can be highly matched only for millions of luxury cars.At present, the angel round 3000 quota has been robbed empty, only A round of rights and interests quota is hot booking, missed the angel round of the opportunity to get on the bus friends, A round of the opportunity must not miss, after all, save is more than 100 thousand, absolutely delicious!

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