Drug Control Office of Zhanjiang Economic and Trade Zone: Quanzhuang Street will carry out anti-drug publicity activities in supermarkets in early 2022

In order to further improve people’s awareness to poison, antivirus, refusing HIV knowledge and increase anti-drug publicity, on the afternoon of January 18, 2022, zhanjiang area by the open spring street zhuang joint use prior to purchase necessities during the Spring Festival, people’s community in rt-mart supermarket for “a drug lifelong regret, don’t take life to bet on tomorrow” anti-drug campaign, let residents crowd further understanding the harm of drugs,Consciously resist drugs.During the activity, the anti-drug social workers introduced the types and shapes of drugs to the residents, explained in detail the harm of drugs to the human body and the harm to the society, and let everyone watch the simulated drug model, so that the residents had a deeper understanding of drug knowledge.At the same time, anti-drug social workers also remind everyone to form good living habits, stay away from karaoke bars and bars, be careful to make friends, stay away from drugs and cherish life.Through active publicity, residents of the anti-drug knowledge of the rate of further improvement, but also a more profound anti-drug, anti-virus, drug awareness, the enthusiasm of the masses to participate in anti-drug enhancement, for the construction of pingan Quan Zhuang laid a good foundation.Source: Zhanjiang Economic development Zone Narcotics Control Office Rong media editor: Liang Chunyan Reprover: Zhao Yi review: Lv Xiaolan

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