Benefit nearly 400,000 households in Xiamen!From next month, you can save that money!

Here comes the “timely rain”!On March 24, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued a notice on the EXEMPTION of VALUE-ADDED Tax for small-scale taxpayers (Announcement No.15, 2022 of the State Administration of Taxation of the Ministry of Finance).It is clear that from April 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022, small-scale VAT taxpayers shall apply the taxable sales income of 3% levy rate and be exempted from VAT;VAT payment in advance will be suspended for items with 3% advance tax rate.The policy is expected to reach nearly 400000 households in the city xiamen small-scale taxpayers of value added tax (write picture from east/IC), to ensure that a series of tax credit support policy to carry out the fine, xiamen revenue based on a large data platform, meet the conditions for enjoy VAT small-scale taxpayers, through “ShuiQi interactive platform”, the way such as ShuiQi mailbox precision push phase tariff policy,Conduct publicity and guidance for taxpayers on how to issue “zero tax rate” invoice and correctly declare, and upgrade the electronic tax bureau related declaration function as soon as possible to ensure that taxpayers should enjoy tax benefits as soon as possible.Small-scale taxpayer exempted from VAT New Deal a figure to understand!↓ ↓ The location of nucleic acid sampling sites in Huli, the opening time and the contact information of each community are now announced as follows:Specific open case will be subject to each point actual daily) recognition of qr code to check the details in the headlines upgrade service access to the lake district nucleic acid testing sample point location and navigation a key to reply query nucleic acid testing sample point reply traffic distribution to obtain the daily new crown vaccination point some replies into the lake district employment service system for the lake district maternal and child health care booking channelThe original title: “Benefiting nearly 400,000 households in Xiamen! From next month, this money can be saved!”

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