Beer bottles fall from the sky and hurt people!But a woman upstairs…

Wang Yibo lives in Zhenjiang Street, Daowai District, Nangang District, Harbin.At noon on March 28, she went shopping with her two-year-old son and aunt at a supermarket in Taigu Street and Nanshidao Street, Daowai District, Harbin.Did not think, in the sweep code line ready to enter the door, the accident happened.While the family was waiting in line, a beer bottle fell on aunt Wang’s head with her two-year-old son in her arms.Wang Yibo, a citizen of Harbin, hit my aunt with a clash on her head.Wang then called 110 to report the case to the police, and the Nanshi police Station of the Provincial branch of Harbin Public Security Bureau promptly investigated the case after receiving the instruction from 110.We went through the investigation, no one on the fourth floor, perennial people in Shanghai not at home, basically locked is the third floor.According to ding mou account, he 28 that day in the unit to work, then we also on the unit to do the work, found that the same day when ding mou is really going to work.Then we transferred the investigation direction to his lover Zhang.Zhang initially resisted the police interrogation, denying that she had thrown the beer bottle downstairs.But in front of a large number of evidence, Zhang confessed, she was at home that day to coax the child nap, because of the downstairs sound, the child has always been agitated crying, resulting in Zhang mood out of control, with the beer bottle thrown downstairs.If you get angry again, you should solve it through the law or the normal way. You should not use this extremely dangerous way. She is involved in the crime of throwing objects from high altitude in the criminal law, and we have taken criminal compulsory measures.(News Rule of law online)

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