Will the Chinese hukou be cancelled after Filipino immigrants?What is your identity when you come back to China?

As for the immigration status, many people have a misunderstanding, thinking that after getting a green card from another country, they are already a person from another country, so when they return to China, they will feel that they need to apply for the corresponding visa, or they are worried that their Chinese hukou will be lost after immigrating to the Philippines.So here we come to understand, if the individual immigration to the Philippines, after returning home is what identity?Will Chinese hukou be cancelled after Filipino immigrants retire?To emigrate means that you no longer live in one place but go to another country to obtain a permanent residence certificate.When you apply for the certificate, you may change your hukou because of the requirements of the conditions.And that doesn’t mean you’re not Chinese.Because immigration is not naturalization, so you have not joined the nationality of other countries in the time, you are still Chinese, there is a fixed residence in China your hukou is also in.And the process of immigration in the Philippines does not require people to move out of their hukou.It’s just a green card that allows unlimited travel in the Philippines.What is your identity when you come back to China?Individuals in the Philippines after immigration, if you want to go back to China, it is also possible, because you are still Chinese so do not have to deal with what visa, directly take their passport can go back to China.The certificate of permanent residence in the Philippines is only a kind of status representative of an individual during his or her stay in the Philippines, proving that he or she can live permanently in the Philippines for a long time.And you don’t have to worry about being checked by the Immigration office because your visa expires or is overdue.If you return home, you are still Chinese, as long as your passport is still Chinese, then you are Chinese.Hukou is our domestic identification and residence, and this residence can be handled as long as you have a house.So even if it is an individual immigration, this house as long as it still belongs to you will not affect your household registration problem.If you have any other questions about these problems, please contact our customer service. We handle various Philippine visas all the year round, hoping to provide you with more accurate immigration information.This article is written by Chinese businessman visa. I hope it will help you understand life, study and work in the Philippines.You can answer any questions you may have in the Philippines.At the same time, we will regularly publish some high-quality original articles to answer all kinds of questions that customers meet in the Philippines.Welcome your attention and forwarding

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