Wheat area: protect fruit frost start frost battle

Maiji area melting media center (reporter Liu Qiuyu Hu Xudong Ding Qi) since the end of March this year, maiji area appeared low temperature frost weather, the sudden drop in temperature to fruit farmers brought some anxiety, to a variety of economic fruit trees caused adverse effects.In view of this situation, in order to actively deal with the possible impact of disaster weather on fruit trees and reduce the economic losses of fruit farmers, the wheat production area attaches great importance to the prevention of low temperature and freezing damage, and takes this work as an important work in the current fruit production.Every year around qingming is the period of frequent frost.From previous experience, frost prevention work a little careless will cause a devastating blow to fruit industry, so it is very important to do a good job of fruit tree frost prevention work.At 3:30 in the morning of April 2, the reporter came to the wheat area Ganquan town Hua Shi efficient agricultural company’s big cherry planting base, saw the base lit a few piles of flames, the night of the wind with the distant sound of the windmill whistling, a fruit production of frost “battle” is being started.Frost damage will affect flowering trees and fruit production, especially cherry, peach, pear, apricot and sichuan pepper.If the situation is serious, it will greatly affect this year’s fruit harvest and fruit farmers’ income.In order to further promote the high-quality development of maiji fruit industry, Maiji district made scientific arrangements and acted quickly to carry out the action of protecting fruit and preventing frost.Gao Yongxin, director of maiji Fruit Industry Development Center, told reporters: “In order to prevent frost in an all-round way, we have timely issued warning information of disaster weather, issued frost prevention notices and remedial measures in the name of the district agricultural office, and arranged one technician from the fruit industry center in each town.Through our technical personnel to mobilize the village group and individual enterprise cooperatives, in advance of the reserve of materials, reserves of smoke and arson materials, and mobilize enterprise cooperatives to repair the frost machine, take all kinds of measures, so that the farmers and enterprises in our region prevention and treatment, strive to reduce the loss of frost disaster to the lowest.”(Source: Myj.com)

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