Roller soil sieve machine is also called cage type crushing soil sieve machine cylinder diameter customization

The roller sieve machine belongs to a reciprocating soil crushing machine, the roller sieve machine is tilted upward arranged in the front of the frame, the soil crushing mechanism is arranged above the higher side of the soil screening mechanism, and the soil screening mechanism and the soil crushing mechanism both in the vertical direction is aligned state.Work, small loader bucket earth are available, and into the soil body V casing, material in high and low stagger two sets of ground soil shear knife assembly, collision combination, clods were broken and scattered, along the guide plate export to discharging mouth, conveniently fall into screen material on the screen of the organization of ten, in the role of crank connecting rod mechanism, screen mesh in the groove passage for reciprocating motion.The fine particles of ten soil fall into the bottom of the screen, and the larger soil particles slide to the ground in front of the screen machine, so as to complete the soil screening work.When the roller sieve machine works, the vibration is small, the noise is low, the service life of the machine is prolonged, the sieve hole is not blocked when crushing wet soil to reduce the failure rate, the effect of crushing sieve soil is good, and the crushing sieve soil can be completed once, and the operation efficiency is improved.

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