Our province today to meet the return peak, these sections are prone to congestion……

The Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end, and many people are already on their way home.According to guangdong traffic police on February 5, the traffic police department expects the return peak on February 6 and February 16 respectively.In addition, Guangzhou South Railway Station also entered the return peak.”The number of passengers arriving at Guangzhou South Railway Station on February 5 is expected to reach 420,000,” said Wang Yongjun from the comprehensive management department of Guangzhou South Railway Station regional management Committee.The post-Holiday return peak is expected to be reached on June 6 and 7.Guangzhou South Railway Station every day to send passengers stable in these days at about 100,000 person-times, and the arrival of passengers increased day by day.Guangzhou South Railway Station began overnight operation on Feb 5.It is estimated that February 6 (the sixth day of the first lunar month) and February 17 (the 17th day of the first lunar month) are the peak days for vehicles to enter the province, among which the expressway traffic demand for returning from Hunan and Guangxi is the largest.During the Spring Festival travel rush in Guangdong, the traffic flow has obvious tidal characteristics. Before the festival, it spreads from the Pearl River Delta area to the east, west and north of Guangdong, and then backflows after the festival.Guangdong traffic police research and analysis, the Spring Festival return traffic points are mainly concentrated in the pearl River Delta surrounding expressways and main channels into the province.The sections that are expected to be prone to congestion during the peak period of post-Holiday return trips mainly include:G15 shenhai expressway shantweimingpo border interchange section, Shenzhen Long gang service section, Jiangmen Fengshan interchange section, Yangjiangjiangmen interchange section, S14 Shantweimingjiang expressway Maoming Gaozhou section, Nahuaodong service section, G80 guangqing Expressway Xiandonggang service section, G0421 Xuguang expressway Qingyuan-qingyuan-qingnan section, G55 two Guangzhou expressway Zhaoqing Guangning County section,S2 hirokawa high-speed huizhou han charging stations, spokesman wide high-speed meizhou camphor tree pond interchange period, G0423 yue high-speed German service section, banyan tree tunnel segment G0422 wu highway in shaoguan, G9411 this.i fo the humen bridge, wide S6 dragon high-speed nansha bridge section.It should be noted that according to the weather analysis in Guangdong, from the night of February 6 (the sixth day) to February 7 (the seventh day), there was heavy rain in the cities and counties in the central and northern parts of our province, while other cities and counties had moderate rain and local heavy rain. The daily average temperature dropped by 3℃ to 5℃.Guangdong traffic police remind the majority of car owners if they plan to return from central and northern Guangdong, please make reasonable travel plans.When driving in rain, fog and other bad weather, you should turn on fog lights to warn the car to slow down.The traffic police department also reminded that if the return road encountered large traffic flow or minor accident caused by the vehicle slow, in the tail-end of the vehicle to open the “double flashing lights” (i.e. dangerous alarm flash), warning after the car slow down, to ensure safety.Under non-emergency circumstances, do not illegally occupy the emergency lane, the traffic police department will strictly check such traffic violations.”To ensure the safe return of passengers, we have all staff on duty.”Law enforcement officials from the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Transport said that the increasing number of returning passengers in the past two days gave some illegal vehicles a “business opportunity” to fish in troubled waters.In this regard, the municipal transportation law enforcement department in the return peak period, to Guangzhou South Railway Station, Baiyun Airport, Guangzhou East Railway Station, Guangzhou Railway Station, Tianhe passenger station and other transportation hub areas of law enforcement.”Electronic fences have been set up in all transport hubs in Guangzhou to closely monitor taxi operations and crack down on illegal acts such as negotiating prices, refusing to take passengers and picking up passengers.”According to law enforcement officials from the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Transport, they have also set up areas for online ride-hailing to guide and standardize operations.In addition, with the help of big data, image recognition and other scientific and technological means provided by the “intelligent Traffic” platform, law enforcement officers can quickly and accurately target vehicles and people suspected of illegal operations and carry out targeted strikes in the first time.Statistics as of February 5 show that since the start of the Spring Festival travel rush, guangzhou’s transport law enforcement departments have investigated and dealt with 512 violations of various types of passenger transport, including 45 illegal operation violations and 259 taxi violations.Starting from February 5, guangzhou’s transport authorities will extend the operation time of several subway lines, and arrange taxis to ensure that every passenger arriving at guangzhou South Railway Station, Baiyun Airport, Guangzhou East Railway Station and other transport hubs can go home smoothly.The law enforcement personnel of Guangzhou Municipal Transportation Bureau also reminded passengers that the epidemic prevention and control work is still the top priority, and they should do a good job of personal protection when traveling, and refuse to take illegal vehicles without qualifications.If your rights and interests are damaged, you can make a complaint through “12345 Government Service hotline” or “Guangzhou Traffic” wechat public account, and the municipal transport law enforcement department will accept it in the first time.Source: Nanfang Daily Editor: Huang Bingquan Duty director: Zhao Junying Duty editor-in-chief: Lu Liwen

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