Hunan normal university and Nanjing normal university, it is double first-class, how should I choose?

Some readers left comments saying that they want to major in teacher education, and their scores can be admitted to Hunan Normal University and Nanjing Normal University.Oneself are Liaoning person, do not know how should choose?In fact, it is a very good candidate to be admitted to any of them.In the 985, 211 era, Hunan Normal University and Nanjing Normal University are provincial 211 universities, the platform is completely no problem.In the double first-class era, the two schools selected double first-class, but also neck and neck.Today, HUNAN Normal University and Nanjing Normal University for a simple comparison of introduction, I hope to help you.First, in discipline construction.Hunan Normal University has 6 national key disciplines, namely ethics, English Language and Literature, Modern and Contemporary Chinese History, Developmental Biology, Theoretical Physics, and Basic Mathematics.Nanjing Normal University also has 6 national key disciplines, which are basic Principles of Marxism, Principles of Pedagogy, Preschool Pedagogy, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, cartography and Geographic Information System, and zoology.From the point of view of key disciplines, hunan Normal University has better science, nanjing Normal University has more advantages in liberal arts related majors.Foreign Language and Literature of Hunan Normal University and Geography of Nanjing Normal University were selected.In the fourth round of subjects of the Ministry of Education, Education, Foreign Language and Literature and Mathematics of Hunan Normal University were selected as B+.Six disciplines of NJNU are rated as a-level disciplines, among which pedagogy and Marxist Theory are rated as A-level disciplines, and geography, Chinese Language and Literature, Foreign Language and Literature, and Fine Arts are rated as A-level disciplines, ranking 34th in the total number of A-level disciplines in China.In terms of subject evaluation, Nanjing Normal University is far superior to Hunan Normal University.In terms of specific rankings, Hunan Normal University ranks 52nd and Nanjing Normal University 40th nationwide.Nanjing Normal University is ranked higher.Of course you choose a school according to specific major even, the major that chooses a oneself to like is more important, hope above can help you.Readers, which do you think is better, Hunan Normal University or Nanjing Normal University?Welcome to comment.

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