BTS star Ji Min ‘resting’ after recovering from COVID-19 and appendicitis

Big Hit Music said through its official fan community Weverse on Wednesday that Ji-min was discharged from hospital early today (Friday) as the coronavirus isolation period ended following her acute appendicitis surgery.Ji Min was diagnosed with novel coronavirus and acute appendicitis on June 30.Ji-min, who has been hospitalized since the surgery, also tested negative for PCR before being discharged.”Zhi Min did not show any symptoms of her health during her hospitalization,” Big Hit Music said.I had a mild sore throat at the beginning of my stay in the hospital, but I have recovered. I am resting after being discharged from the hospital.Following is the official announcement of Big Hit Music: BTS member Jimin has fully recovered from COVID-19 and his current health Hello, this is BIGHIT Music.We would like to convey to you that BTS member JIMIN’s quarantine period will end after treatment for acute appendicitis is completed earlier today (February 5th).Jimin tested positive for COVID-19 on Sunday (30 January) and was diagnosed with acute appendicitis, and underwent surgery on Monday (31 January).After being informed that he could leave the hospital, PCR tests were conducted and the results were negative.During his hospitalization, Jimin showed no obvious symptoms.She had a mild sore throat at the time of diagnosis and has now fully recovered.We also received a response from the doctor that Jimin was recovering well from his injuries and no further treatment was required.Jimin is recovering well after being told to leave the hospital.We would like to express our gratitude to all the fans who care about the health of our artists and those who work in the medical field.We will continue to treat the health of our entertainers as our top concern and will carefully comply with quarantine requirements.thank you

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