A retired doctor admitted that a long life is not about walking more and sleeping more, but about sticking to these two little things

Whether rich or poor, everyone wants to live forever.With the continuous improvement of living standards, average life expectancy has been constantly improved, as long as a good habit of living and eating habits can have a long and healthy constitution.Is there really life and death?Not also with the continuous progress of science and technology, people understand that immortality is an unrealistic thing, through the scientists found that: the length of human life is determined by DNA, each person’s DNA molecules on the methyl particles are different, and it is because these particles determine the length of a person’s life.When a cell in the body divides, a portion of a methyl particle shrinks, and when that happens, it’s the end of human life. Of course, human longevity is determined by circumstances other than genes, and the proportions are very different.Genes accounted for only 15% of the impact, and the external factor is 85%, the proportion of the external factors including the living environment, medical conditions, and personal habits, that is to say, on the proportion of genes and external factors, external factors account for the bulk, especially personal life habit actually occupies 60% of the external factors, but personal life habit is the most easy to control and change.If you want to have longevity genes, you need to change all kinds of indulgences and bad behavior.Retired doctor said: long life may not be walking more and more sleep, might as well stick to 2 things keep enough sleep, walking more at ordinary times can rise to the purpose of longevity, but retired doctor that longevity and not much more than a few factors, the relationship between want to live a long life, the key is to insist on the following two things: seller: a balanced diet as the saying goes:People eat food, balanced nutrition is the key to maintaining health and longevity.Make sure you eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and dairy products, keep saturated fats to a minimum, eat nuts, meat and grains in moderation, but limit sugary foods and sugary drinks.Cooking means had better be given priority to with delicate easy digestible food, avoid to take in overmuch quantity of heat and adipose undertake the digestive burden of intestines and stomach, every meal maintains 7 8 full, just be helpful for health and longevity.With the improvement of living conditions, people’s material life is rich, relatively speaking, there are many carcinogenic ingredients, especially after high temperature cooked food or food containing grease, try to eat less.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that all diseases are born in qi, and a large number of facts have proved that the occurrence of many diseases are related to bad emotions. People who are easily angry at ordinary times are prone to adverse stimulation of the central nervous system of the brain and stagnation of liver qi, and often suffer from liver diseases.And people who are in a bad mood for a long time tend to have dark skin and wrinkles, so to maintain a healthy and long life, an optimistic mood is essential.Although everyone will always encounter some unpleasant things, but to learn to get out as soon as possible to maintain enthusiasm for life, develop more interests and hobbies, do more beneficial to physical and mental health, such as dancing, fishing, and socializing with friends, can relieve anxiety and depression.Bad breath: With the increase of age, the overall metabolism of the human body tends to decline, and the digestion and absorption function of the gastrointestinal system also decreases.Poor gastrointestinal function can lead to toxins and waste that cannot be fully excreted from the body and can accumulate in large quantities over time, leading to bad breath.Belly big: as the growth of age, the metabolic speed of the body will slow down, bringing about the toxin waste in body fluid cannot be discharged in time, still can bring about fat accumulation, appear big belly problem.Healthy New Year

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