Welsh fifth half drive off!China 5 will close in on O ‘Sullivan!Yan Bingtao is more likely to advance!

Professional snooker league 2021-2022 season, February 19, 2022 (Beijing time), snooker welsh open qualifying game was to continue, the fifth half the promotion situation is causing concern, this half area have five players in China, and China’s five players want to be in this half area promotion last eight is not easy!In the first half of the Welsh Open, Zhou Yuelong was knocked out unexpectedly, which also made China snooker’s competitiveness decline in the first half. Zhao Xintong is also looking forward to a comeback. Zhao xintong has won twice this season, and this tournament is also expected to challenge for the third championship of her career!In the second half of the game, Yan Bingtao led the Chinese team, in the fifth half of the game, The Chinese team is looking to lock up a place in the last eight, the fifth half of the game except Yan Bingtao.Also have Tian Pengfei, Ding Junhui two veteran, Gao Yang and Zhao Jianbo two 00 players are also full of competitiveness!Ding junhui is now the world rankings to 31, has not seed players, even if all goes well, in 16, likely to receive his ding, ding junhui first round opponent is gao Yang, this season in the face of China’s Derby, ding junhui also by Andy and YanBingTao, ding junhui season third lose Derby, China will once again create embarrassing record!Holt is also an excellent snooker player, ding Junhui’s state, every match is a tough fight, Ding Junhui hit the last 16 success, but also hope O ‘Sullivan surprise exit!Peng-fei tian, jian-bo zhao, YanBingTao three people, one person to make should be no big problem, 16 YanBingTao in recent two years are champions billing YanBingTao condition is good, is also had the experience of the season, YanBingTao last or masters in 2021, winning the championship YanBingTao set out again, scored 16, there is hope in the last eight of the battle,Yan bingtao is also likely to meet O ‘Sullivan.This season, Yan bingtao has beaten O ‘Sullivan, Ding Junhui considers O ‘Sullivan as a big Nemesis, while Yan bingtao has always been fearless against O ‘Sullivan, and the two are even!Yan Bingtao in the fifth half of the more favorable, Yan Bingtao is the fifth half of the second seed, even O ‘Sullivan is not afraid of, Yan Bingtao in recent years significantly improved psychological quality, and Yan Bingtao more advanced technology, Yan Bingtao grinding control style, also let him continue to grow.Especially the defensive end to the opponent is often bring more pressure!The Chinese five players encircle O ‘Sullivan, the half zone, the Chinese army crowd tactics, is expected to lock up a place in the last eight for the Chinese army in the fifth half zone, in the bottom half despite 75 sanjie and Selby’s pressure, The Chinese army has a great chance to impact the final!

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