Tumed Left Banner street, community convenience services to show a new atmosphere

“Young man, I want to apply for medical insurance reimbursement. I need a proof of residence. Can I apply here?”On the morning of April 6, Mr. Shen, who lives in the Au lac City community in Jinchuan Street, came to the social affairs office of jinchuan Street office for business.After a short wait in line, Mr. Shen completed his residence certificate.”In the past, to run a business, we had to go not only to the management committee, but also to the Muslim areas. It was not only a long distance, but also to go back and forth. It was troublesome to think about it, and every time we put it off until it was absolutely necessary.”Thinking of the previous experience, Mr. Shen shook his head sadly.”Different now, the street preparation group has been set up, the office is at the door, and the business hall are in the same street, half a morning can easily finish the formalities, convenient.”Mr. Shen pointed to his newly stamped residence certificate and told reporters.”Before, I didn’t know how to do a lot of things. One said to do it in Hui district, the other said to do it in Saihan District.Now, our residents have their own office hall.”Reporters followed Mr. Shen to the district police station, provided the ID card, residence certificate and other materials, the police soon opened a residence permit for Mr. Shen.Then Mr. Shen went straight to jinchuan Medical insurance service hall located in jinchuan Science park office building.More than ten minutes, the staff for Mr. Shen to deal with the medical insurance reimbursement procedures.”On November 30, 2021, the medical insurance Bureau of Tuzuo Banner and Jinchuan Economic and Technological Development Zone officially completed the business handover, and the newly established Jinchuan Medical insurance Hall began to handle business for the insured personnel in Jinchuan area in December.At present, we can register with the enterprise approved, new ginseng is protected, check and ratify of flexible obtain employment, flexible employment new ginseng is protected, long-distance medical treatment for the record, residents medical check and ratify, kindergarten and school collective ginseng, newborn, transferring citizens new ginseng is protected, worker health, hospitalization expenses and other related business, has opened a hotline at the same time, the answer to the masses.”Jinchuan medical insurance hall director Yun Rongrong said.It is understood that for the convenience of the masses, in addition to the health insurance bureau, Tuzuo Banner employment service center, market supervision and management departments have also opened a temporary window, to better meet the needs of the masses.Rong Media reporter: Li Kunyu Responsible editor: Gao Hong

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