The big girl said she did English hand card, go back to see at night, I can not laugh or cry

A few days ago the high school English 3500 and 40 short text typed out, let the big girl made those new words with highlighter mark, I plan to put the new words into a separate book, easy to memorize.Big girl said, I copy her down, make it hand card, convenient to carry the kind.My heart was suddenly hot, as if to see a ray of sunshine, finally willing to start memorizing English.Last night when I came home, I saw the big girl leaning on the cardboard with game cards and cutting hand cards with crooked mouth.I can not help but be dumb, you this is to play?I used steel ruler and paper knife to help her draw a pile, with less than ten minutes, amazed, the big girl honestly copy the word.Their children know that the big girl is doing hand card as an excuse, do not know what small action, and parents see the child is constantly working, in fact, is false efforts.Under the double reduction, there is no external remedial unit, the only way for children to learn is self-discipline and parental supervision. However, as far as I know, self-disciplined children really only live in other people’s homes.Parents have not found that now the children’s anti-detection ability is very strong, the means to break the password is clever, a lot of things you unexpected will happen to them, DO not know when to start with the children began to hide and seek game.In view of the current education model, I personally think that parents should take more time to participate in their children’s learning life, make learning plans, supervise and check frequently, and do not be blinded by their children’s fake efforts.Of course, for their children to repair to what extent, parents themselves should also do know, otherwise counterproductive.What do you think?

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