Many people enter and leave the epidemic control area illegally due to forged documents!Lock up!

Forged electronic access pass with official seal during the epidemic, causing many people to enter and leave the epidemic control area of the city in violation of regulations!The Dadong District branch of the Public Security Bureau in Shenyang, Liaoning province, has cracked down on a criminal gang that forged electronic access passes during the epidemic.At about 9:00 on April 3, 2022, The Greater East District Branch received a report from the public that someone secretly forged the electronic access pass during the epidemic period with the official seal of the “Greater East COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters”, resulting in a large number of people in the controlled area using their forged electronic access pass.After receiving a report, the east District branch quickly organized police work, the suspect Yan mou a, Yan Mou b captured.Mail via check, criminal suspects yan (female, 37) along with the criminal suspect yan yi (male, 31), letting the criminal suspect’s XXX (male, 26 years old) to each the price of 2 yuan to forge 61 with “big east COVID – 19 control command” seal during the outbreak of electronic access pass, caused many irregularities in and out of the city’s disease control area.April 3 at 19:00, the police in the suspect qi so-and-so’s home will be captured, and on the spot seized for forging electronic access to a computer pass.After the trial, the suspect Qi xx confessed to forging electronic access pass of the criminal facts, and the initiative to confess to forged for others during the epidemic vehicle passage certificate two, the total illegal profit of 142 yuan.At present, the suspects Yan mou a, Yan Mou b, Qi xx because of the suspected crime of forging state organ documents, has been shenyang City Public Security Bureau Dadong District branch to take criminal compulsory measures according to law, the case is further handling.Source: Legal Daily’s official wechat account

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