Han Tombs in Eastern Circle of Changle (I)

Changle county east circle Han tomb, located in changle county about 10 kilometers east, the eastern foot of the mountain, the top of a hill, commonly known as eshan, also known as the Tomb of King Qi.It depends on the main peak of the Gushan mountain in the west, the GUI River in the east, and the Jiaoji railway is not far from the north.Field investigation showed that the original tomb was covered with soil from the east to the west, about 100 meters.North and south slightly narrow, about 80 meters, about eight meters high, layered ramming built, very hard.On the hillside rock, there is a shaft type tomb ramp with a side length of 4 meters and a depth of 9 meters. It is filled with stone slices of 1 meter and 0.2 meters thick.Excavation found that coffins and lacquerware in the tomb had been burned, funeral goods were mostly stolen, the burial system was destroyed, the bottom of the tomb for the north-south channel, both ends of a tomb.The southern burial chamber is about 14 square meters, with remnants of wooden horses and horse ornaments.The main chamber of the north tomb is about 25 square meters, with four ear chambers chiselled on the east, west and north sides (two in the north). The total area is 28 square meters, with remnants of coffin plates, residual lacquerware, painted pottery pieces, clay seals and small bronze ware.There are table foot, bow holder, shop head and other utensils and dragon, tiger, monkey, gecko and other copper ornaments.With a length of 30.5 cm, a body of 9 cm, a head of 6.5 cm high, a tail of 11 cm high and a weight of 1.35 kg, the dragon has a strange shape. It has a head of a cow and a tail of a tiger and a phoenix feather.If you provide material clues please private chat or leave a message original article, without permission, declined to copy all without greeting reprint, as infringement

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