Faker interview: DK World War I we must prepare well!

In yesterday’s LCK, T1 beat NS 12-1 to get its fifth straight win of the season.T1 is already one of the strongest teams in the LCK.The only team that can compete with them is GEN, but the two teams will have to wait until the next year for a serious matchup.GEN and T1 are now tied for first place in LCK, and both teams are showing similar form.So which of the two teams will get the final victory at the moment seems to be unknown.After yesterday’s match, Faker, as the representative of the winning side, was interviewed by the Korean media, which mainly focused on T1’s five-game winning streak and their views on the future of the match.Faker was also delighted with his team’s fifth straight win, and was delighted to beat NS.After all, Faker had said that he would try his best to beat his old teammate Canna, and now T1 has beaten NS as he wished, faker’s wish is fulfilled.When asked why T1 is doing so well this year.After all, the T1 team has not changed much this year, and we have quickly adopted the new version, so the T1 team is very competitive now.Faker has said in previous interviews that the plane is a very boring hero.This time the reporter also expressed doubts about this matter.Because faker picked Airplane as the hero in the first inning.Faker is actually a very traditional LCK player, so the team prefers to aim for the late stage, so heroes like Victor are the perfect fit for LCK players.So even if Faker didn’t like him, he would train the hero for the team.Faker has now led the team to five straight wins, and their last match a year ago was against team DK.In Faker’s opinion, only DK team is a must-win team, T1 has not beaten DK team for a long time.DK also shattered his dream of winning the FOURTH T1 championship at Worlds.So T1 team’s obsession with beating DK is very deep.Plus the New Year is coming soon, T1 team also don’t want to say that the end of five consecutive losses and go to the New Year.According to Faker, T1 is now actively preparing to beat DK team in the final match.In the end, the reporter also asked Faker about the current LCK four medium single opinions.Hsu, Chovy, Faker and BDD are currently the top four middle players on the LCK, and these four middle players happen to be the top four middle players on the LCK.Faker argues that the rankings are meaningless.Because the victory of the team is mainly the credit of five people, not to say the credit of one player in the middle.I have to say that Faker’s enthusiasm for the competition is very high, and he is still a pure professional player as always. I hope T1 can achieve another good result this year.

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