Bad person: Li Xingyun stop bad handsome indiscriminate killing, why finally become a sinner?

Li Xingyun is for the country for the people of the royal descendants, he in-depth rivers and lakes, observing the people, many times led the team to resist the enemy, protect the people, and he is skilled in medicine, and Ji Ruxue operating a hospital, free to the economic difficulties of the people.Thanks to his poor childhood, he experienced the misfortune of the people, and familiar with medical books, to follow the teachings of Uncle Son Yang to save people, he also liked the life of idle clouds and wild cranes.Xing-yun li suppress bad handsome do killed – stay mingzong of later tang, bad handsome people killed tens of thousands of three hundred years, slap kill statement hangs ghost emperor, after killing princes li k ‘o-yung, and plans to kill her as snow, behind a sword to kill the false nebula, and die because of war, these are bad looking to support xing-yun li tang, he began to reign,And Li Xingyun does not want them to die because of themselves, even if Li Siyuan so heinous people.Xing-yun li adult man shout kill the sinners, small north eyeful hate xing-yun li, now know her as snow bandit shallow, relation with xing-yun li directly without the kyi always protect themselves as snow, and give her as snow shoulder to a knife, bad for internal xing-yun li is very discontent, civilians but also want to live a prang xing-yun li, mainly mingzong of later tang to xing-yun li kill bad handsome do content, the monkey get rid of all bad people,Avoid Li Nebula was killed, this is just Li Siyuan let Li Nebula and bad people do war.The people in the world, Li Si-yuan although under the decree in addition to the bad people, but many people have been killed, junior officials every day to get a certain number of bad people’s heads, they saw the number is not enough, kill the people to make up, Li Si-yuan is the people of the world and Li Xingyun hate!So, Li Xingyun jumped into the Yellow River also wash not clear, now 5 sets do not appear, wearing a bad reputation, hiding in the dark corner to save bad people, dare not directly and Li Si-yuan war, in order not to be coersed son, save more people.Second yuan update for you, looking forward to attention!!

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