“Wowtou Hall” rehearsal photo exposure, Guo Degang take you back, fans: looking forward to the official performance

“Steamed corn-bread hall” rehearsal according to exposure, guo degang take you back, fans: look forward to formal performance article | young adult rabbit’s cloud world on April 1, from Devon community actors mainly involved in the steamed corn-bread hall rehearsal according to exposure.See Guo Degang take you back, there are also fans curious to a, not to say “wowtou Hall” postponed the performance?Why would you dress up for a rehearsal?Does this mean that “The Nest House” will be performing soon?See this inquiry, can also feel his love for Deyun Society, “Wowtou Hall”.However, as the epidemic prevention and control continues, it is estimated that audiences will not be able to meet for some time.Of course, many fans are looking forward to the official performance of “The Nest house” after seeing the show begin rehearsals in full dress.In the exposure of the curtain call, deyun Society actors modelling can be said to be very careful.See standing in the C guo Degang and Yu Qian, there are fans to a, Guo Degang has hair, looking at it seems a little not used to, give a person a very simple, very refined feeling.And Yu Qian teacher dress up, there is a strong Northern Shaanxi fan, more like “White Deer plain” in the old patriarch of the big family.Seeing this fan’s description, I can also feel her love for this drama and her support for the actors of Deyun Society. After all, Guo Degang and Yu Qian are very careful in their art and works.In an interview, Guo Degang once said that traditional artists fight to the end, fight is culture, fight is personal charm.To put it simply, it is to fight who can always be sought after by the audience, loved by the audience, always able to attract the attention of the audience.And in the pluralistic development of the present, if you adhere to their own old line is right, but do not dabble in new things, if your old line was eliminated by The Times, then you no matter how excellent, is bound to drown.So, see deyun numerous actors in Guo Degang under the leadership, have opened cross-border, although some people say this is “unprofessional”, but in this environment, not so is no way, after all, everyone needs to survive.In addition to Guo Degang, Yu Qian these two dress up everyone attention, Hou Zhen, Luan Yunping, Yang Hetong, Zhang Jiuling, Yang Jiulang, Wang Jiulong these are also very attractive.See Luan Yunping in the shape of the play, there are fans to a direct, the deputy general feeling is not what a good man.Of course, there are also fans that Luan Yunping will use the platform to constantly break through their own, constantly optimize their own, really worthy of the vice president of Deyun Society.Indeed, since the first season of Deyun Laughing Society, Luan Yunping has changed every once in a while. Otherwise, he could have been qualified for the position of vice president of Deyun Society, and could have been spoiled by his master Guo Degang.Of course, different from everyone’s style is Yang Jiulang, wearing suits and shoes, giving a person a very fashionable feeling, and the “stubbly beard” shape also let Yang Jiulang more mature, more lasting appeal.From this dress rehearsal can also feel, after nearly a month of rehearsal, drama “Wowtou Hall” the leading actors have run in very good, but also more worthy of everyone looking forward to.Of course, in addition to the drama is highly anticipated by the public, the fact that these actors can return to the small theater during their break is also hotly discussed by netizens, which also shows their love for the stage and the audience.

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