Why does naruto have such a high status in the ninja world?

“Naruto” title is a hokage, want to also can guess hokage status in this cartoon is not low, look at the world view, this is a ninja world, powerful ninja extraordinary imagination, don’t chop disabled state can kill all card of a group of gangsters, it if he in good condition, I’m afraid no amount of ordinary people also he hurt less than one,Ninjutsu is very different from the traditional ninjas genre, and even magic. Powerful ninjas have the ability to destroy the sky and the earth, so ninjas are the ceiling of combat in this world.The five great powers are developed with the five Great Ninjas as the core, and if ninjas are strong, the country will be strong. There are some scattered ninjas in the surrounding small countries, as well as some small ninjas villages, such as The Inninjas village established by Oshinomaru who defected from Koha, and the Yuninjas village established by Payne and his gang who survived in the gap.Among the five enduring villages, the most powerful comprehensive strength is The wood leaf village. When the village was founded, it was the two strongest families of the enduring community, the Thousand hands and the Yu Zhibo family.The supreme leader of the village is The Huoying, who can directly decide to attack other countries or choose to live in peace with other countries.There are characters like Otoma in the plot, but outside of the decision-making power, the real boss is the shadow ninjas of various villages who control the armed forces.Because Muye village is the strongest, and Huoying is basically the one with the strongest power and strength among all shadows. If you look at the big map, Muye Village is in the most central position of the whole continent. The other four ninjas look around Muye, and some small villages are also waiting for their chance.The manga also says very little about how people in ordinary villages live outside of Ninja Village.Huoying made great achievements in all dynasties. In the first generation, huoying Signed a peace agreement with the other four ren villages founded at the same time. The resources of tail beasts were reasonably allocated, and shayin village was also built a large forest with the ability of dun.But peace is always short, powerful ninja is ambitious, b to the second generation of power between thousand leaf, ninja in the world is not how peaceful again, thousand leaf to konoha between long-term consideration, prevent fault, established the ninja school established the shadow, has also developed a lot of the art, is to ensure that konoha will in ninja race preparation.The third generation of Huoying ape Fei is even more remarkable. He has been in power for more than 50 years to maintain peace in Kiba village and even in the land of Fire.The fourth and fifth generations of Naruto are relatively ordinary. The sixth generation of Kakashi caught up with the good times of world peace, and the seventh generation is Naruto. Naruto’s network of relationships, all village leaders follow him.Wen: The Dragon Knight Sheru

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