Female not frozen feet, male not frozen back, “spring wu” you wu right?

As a folk saying goes, “Don’t be glad that spring has begun. There are still 40 days of cold weather left.”Although the start of spring has already begun, but “back spring cold” from time to time will bring stubborn cold air, a careless will let the disease get into the loophole.Women do not freeze feet, men do not freeze back men and women are different, the most warm parts will be different, if frozen, it is very likely to leave a difficult old disease.Women’s feet can’t get cold Ankles may not look like much, but there are nearly ten important tissues on them.And, the foot is also known as the second heart of the human body, the ankle can be said to be an important connection between the two hearts hub.If your ankles get cold, you can do a lot of damage.Not only is ankle, because the foot is the farthest from the heart, it is the place that Yang qi of whole body arrives hardest, and majority female qi and blood compare empty, can have sufficient ministry icy symptom, cold season, the warmth of crural ministry cannot be ignored more.Men’s back freeze should not be used by men with Yang qi, Yang qi plays a protective role on the body surface.On the back of the sun, the foot sun on the back of the bladder is like armor to protect the internal organs.If you neglect to keep your back warm, the cold will get in and the armor will collapse.Cold can affect local muscles or viscera through the back acupoints, causing backache, but also through cervical vertebra, lumbar vertebra affect upper and lower limb muscles and joints, viscera, leading to various discomfort.Pulmonary heart disease, asthma and other common back cold.The waist is also in the back, the part is the kidney, kidney warm and cold, men once it feels cold will immediately “emotional”, waist and knees sour and soft, impotence and premature ejaculation.In addition, the waist cold still often can show for the waist ache, tingling, can not bend over, restricted activity and so on.Spring is warm, in fact, or ancestors left the habit of spring cover, although men and women focus on different parts of the warm, men do not freeze back, women do not freeze feet, this is not to say that men can freeze feet, women can freeze back, each has emphasis on just.Sun Simiao, the hundred-year-old medicine king, also said, “Do not wear thin clothes in spring, which can cause typhoid fever, cholera, lack of food and headache.”Because after a winter of rejuvenation, spring after the pores from the closed state began to relax, Yang qi from the viscera to the body surface, if this time is blown to the cold wind or wet by the wet rain, cold or cold long drive into, will cause a fever afraid of cold, headache, pain, sneezing, cough pharynx pain, joint pain.And the newly rising Yang qi will also be killed, which has a big impact on health throughout the year.So don’t worry about taking off warm clothes in early spring, properly cover a cover, not only comply with the needs of yangqi hair, but also in order to prevent disease.How to wu is also a skill in the morning and evening wu, wu spring wu wu sooner or later, especially to cover the weather!Make it a habit to check the weather forecast every day and be prepared for cold weather before it arrives.Thin and thick, strip down the lower body should wear more, and the upper body can wear a little less, conducive to qi and blood smooth.Undressing is not a step to reduce in place, to decrease, one piece at a time, especially the frail elderly.Spring wu should be loose spring wu is not only do not undress too early, at the same time, dressing can not be too tight.Spring is a diastle open season, should let people free, wear tight clothes, blocked the flow of qi and blood, easy to Yang Qi depression, the body will be colder.So, wear warm sex good and soft breathable loose clothes best, warm, the skin is not easy to dry itching.Spring wu not over spring wu is important, but wu too much will cover the fire.Spring accumulated a winter’s Yang qi, to outward divergence, if the cover is too tight, will lead to nasal cavity, gums, intestinal tract, respiratory tract fire.Therefore, according to their own body conditions and temperature changes to determine, if the continuous above 15℃ and relatively stable for 1 to 2 weeks, you can remove the spring wu.Generally speaking, the warming of the weather takes at least 10 to 15 days. If people with body heat “cover” the body is prone to sweating, they can cover less for a few days.The elderly and some people with cold constitution, “wu” with no body sweating, dry throat, can cover a few days.After the Qingming Festival, there are still ten days of cold. Each man and woman has a part that cannot be cold. If they protect it, they will protect their health throughout the year.The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com

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