Del Potro will retire, career statistics overview, again brilliant

Juan Martin del Potro has announced his retirement…!Shock the tennis world?Chinese fans affectionately call him “Big Brother” and “big pineapple”.”Big Brother” is kind and responsible. “Big Pineapple” is cute and delicious.Del Potro is famous for his “invincible forehand” in tennis.But unfortunately, his career has been a game – injury – rehabilitation – comeback – injury again…The model.Despite this, he achieved a remarkable record, reaching a world ranking of no. 3 and becoming one of the best ATP players of the 1980s.Del Potro has won 22 tournaments in his career, ranking fifth among active players.One grand Slam (2009 US Open), one Masters and one Davis Cup.2. Highest ATP ranking: 3 on Aug 13, 20183.GOAT ranked 32nd with 110 points.Ranked fifth among active players.The top 4 are naturally finademu 4 giants.Wawrinka (34) was sixth behind him and Zverev (38) seventh.Del Potro had the best year of his career in 2009, appearing in 14 tournaments, all reaching the quarterfinals or more.The most glorious moment is undoubtedly the US Open semifinals, the final win nadal and Federer, the US Open title.In addition, also won the Washington 500 and Oakland Grand Prix championship;Finals and Rogers Cup championships;Semifinals at French Open, quarterfinals at Australian Open.1. 7-18 against Roger Federer in 25 matches.They have met seven times in Grand Slam tournaments, winning two, including a victory over Federer in the 2009 U.S. Open final.2 meet Djokovic 20, 4-16.Not winning djol in 5 Grand Slam matches;They lost 4-0 in the final.But he knocked djokovic out in the first round at the 2016 Rio Olympics and beat him in the bronze medal match at the 2012 London Olympics.The Olympic Games only come once in four years, deyo twice lost to the big Pineapple, became the world no. 1 so far without an Olympic medal, but can not pass the “meme”.3 6-11 in 18 meetings with Nadal (del Potro retired once).He is 2-5 in seven Grand Slam meetings, with two victories coming in the semifinals of the 2009 and 2018 U.S. Open.In 2018, Nadal retired after leading two sets in the semifinals and lost 3-0 to Djokovic in the final.Otherwise, it’s a good story.4 against Murray, 3-7;He is 11-2 against Cilic;He is 4-3 against Wawrinka.Among the players born in the 1980s, from the Four Kings to Wawrinka, Cilic, del Potro are some of their biggest names.Especially in the 2009 US Open, beat Nadal in the semifinals and beat Federer in the final, it is beyond the king of two days of super killer!Perhaps, everyone is looking forward to the return of Del Potro’s battle, who do not want this will be a retirement tour…Fellow fans, please “arrange” a coaching position for big brother…Whose team should I join?[cute][cute][what]

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