Chen Shan shares one million to sign the high partner, “Perfect Partner” the real businessmen, are these two big men

“Perfect partner” 39 sets actually only 20 minutes, although the time is short, plot content is very saturated, Chen Shan finally got the contract of senior partner, become a stock of 1 million dreams come true, Jie Fu thought can block Chen Shan’s mouth, but bai Mei obviously more understand Chen Shan, she is to continue to check the data of wild goose fly to join.Do not believe us to look behind.What’s the problem with wild goose flying?Why did Chen Shan join the high Group?Chen Shan his father’s death associated with geese, geese Chen Shan ten years ago have been exposed to, but because of all the discovered when investment in doubt, suggest that white teachers in-depth investigation, left this project, Jeff took over for more than a year after the rectification, geese fly to listed, CPM is a law firm, kay is brokerage, Jeff and cao always acquaintance, on a wild goose to fly this thing, cao total message is “solid”.Losses of investors to law firms, white teacher asked are not allowed to contact people, are not allowed to be published inappropriate comments, tense atmosphere, she even going to blow itself up public issues not diligent, but Jeff stopped her and persuaded her geese is nearly three years performance, law firms only participated in the IPO for the first time, if the firms are explosive, the brokerage, audit, audit team will be affected.When wild goose fly stock price highest 27 yuan, to withdraw from the market to arrange the period only left 30 cents, there are 44 thousand more than retail investors, said that investors have no brain, that is because the information is not equal, how can the general small and medium investors from the annual report or announcement to identify false information?Yanfei’s annual report last year inflated net profit by 19 million yuan, and there was a 500 million yuan error in capital and currency plus other receivables.What Chen Shan said is in fact speculation, the evidence is difficult to find, if it is a false annual report is three years six hundred thousand, but if it is fraud, the highest is life plus all asset forfeiture, the lawyer must be desperate to break this thing clear.Chen Shan took the initiative to find Teacher White and Jeff said wild goose flying problem.Chen Shan: Miss Bai, you taught me before, the law is no fluke.Baimei: The law is no fluke, but there are gaps.Chen Shan: What about the justice and fairness you’ve been teaching us?Baimei: Fairness and justice are relative.Chen Shan: But the victims are absolute.Baimei: The victims have nothing to do with us.You never get to the finish line on this, and 10 years ago it would have proved that we were reasonable, legal and compliant with everything.Chen Shan: In this case, you will not object to the disclosure of materials and manuscripts for internal self-examination?Baimei: Ask Jeff. He’s the lead lawyer.Jeff took senior partner at this time of the contract, is actually a candy, give Chen Shan advantage, shut up in her, let her with law firms, blame, the other is Chen Shan has been “integrity lawyer”, firms need a positive image, Jeff want to kill two birds with one stone, to solve the current problems, at the same time solve the future trouble.To supervise the procuratorial power, examine the account books, share the risks and debts of the partnership, and keep business secrets after withdrawing from the partnership.Jeff thought that Chen Shan signed so quickly, including finding him about Yanfei before, was blackmailing and for the sake of interests. But since Chen Shan began to investigate the archives at the first time, we knew that Chen Shan was looking for the original documents to find out the evidence that could confirm her speculation.Lin Qingkun holiday, general attitude Lin Qingkun because body reason went to cao cao always asks for leave, but always cao said the email is to let the medical records, look for a person to operation arrangement of intensive care unit, concern and care on the surface, but actually he is worried about tilt Lin Qingkun because resources have other ideas, maybe job-hopping, may be fidget,So arrange subordinates to find reliable people to guard Lin Qingkun 24 hours a day.Lin Qingkun thought he was just gastric perforation, but the result of the biopsy was a tumor, so he quickly dealt with the resignation, think of the first set just to The super rocket Rekai office, that arrogant arrogance and the same working state of perpetual motion machine, now Lin Qingkun really more human, but the body also collapsed.As Jeff said to Chen Shan, reflect on oneself, once through the grey zone, may be for some people is their endless darkness, take advantage of the loopholes in the law of drill is aperture, like Lin Qingkun was to die, to find large transportation companies back pan li, in order to fuk jubilee will speed up the progress, makes false Peng Zong out physical examination report.These are all grey means, but the real grey thoroughly in the play is Jeff and Cao, which is not a very good value, it seems to tell us that as long as you are grey enough black, you can go all the way to a higher position, should not be guided in this way, even if this is the reality.Just as the Spring Festival holiday, Jeff, mark in the city are likely to be back home for the holiday, what is the value of the work, must not to take life to money, but the high income is corresponding to the higher strength or higher responsibility, if our jobs and career income is very high, that we should really think about, isn’t every sign would affect many people,You can never go wrong with professional ethics.However, it has to be admitted that Chen shan and Lin Qingkun’s income is enviable.

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