865.2 million yuan!In 2022, sichuan financial pension service development subsidy funds will be used in this way

Recently, sichuan Provincial Department of Finance and Sichuan Provincial Department of Civil Affairs jointly issued the “Notice of the Department of Finance and Civil Affairs on Allocating in advance the 2022 Provincial Financial Pension Service Development Subsidy Funds” (hereinafter referred to as the “notice”).According to the Notice, the funds will mainly be used for the construction of public pension institutions, the construction of community pension service complexes, operation subsidies for pension institutions during the epidemic, nucleic acid testing fees for the staff supported by public pension institutions, operation subsidies for private pension institutions, and operation subsidies for community pension service facilities.Notice of the Ministry of Finance and Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China on Allocating the Development Subsidy Funds for the Elderly Service Industry of the Provincial Level in advance in 2022 sichuan Finance and Social Security Association (2021) No. 171In order to improve the budget integrity and speed up the progress of expenditure, the full amount of provincial financial subsidy for the development of old-age service industry in 2022 has been allocated in advance after study (see Appendix 1 for details).The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows.A, the money is mainly used in the following aspects: one is the public pension institution building, community endowment service complex building, public pension agency care ability promotion, public pensions agency equipment purchase, home and community basic old-age service ability promotion action, municipalities (state) level endowment emergency rescue center construction, specific projects shall be approved by the department separately.During the outbreak of the second is the pension agency operating subsidies, public pension agency support personnel nucleic acid testing costs, private pension institutions operating subsidies, community endowment service facilities operating subsidies, subsidies home endowment service, old-age allowance, pension agency fire control facilities renovation, older university construction, pension agency liability insurance, rural left-behind elderly care visit, pension service personnel training, pension on a regular basisSubsidies for nurses, subsidies for the number of years they have worked in elderly care services, community-assisted meal services for the elderly, renovation of elderly families in need for their aging, “Internet Plus” elderly care, evaluation of elderly care services, and pilot construction of home care beds.All cities and counties can make overall arrangements according to the targeted financial subsidies for elderly care services at the provincial level.2. Please list general public budget revenue as 110,248 “Transfer payment revenue of common Fiscal Authority for Social Security and Employment”, and expenditure as 20810 “social welfare” related items according to the classified Items of Government Revenue and Expenditure in 2022.The expenditure of government-managed funds will be listed under item 2296002 “Expenditure of public welfare lottery funds for social welfare”.Iii. Please prepare the budget, index arrangement and other related work according to the requirements of documents such as Notice of The Provincial Finance Department on Issues Related to Advance Notice of Transfer Payment Index (Sichuan Finance and Budget [2010] No. 125).It will be appropriated after the start of the 2022 budget year.Fourth, to further strengthen the budget performance management, improve the use performance of financial capital, please according to the CPC sichuan provincial committee Sichuan province people’s government on the implementation of the full implementation of the budget performance management opinions “requirement, in the implementation of the budget of the organization to control the regional performance target table (attachment 2) completes the performance monitoring, ensure that annual performance targets meet deadlines.At the same time, please refer to the provincial practice and timely decompose the performance targets to do a good job in budget performance management within the administrative region.Annex: 1. Table 2 of allocation of pension Service Development Subsidy Funds of provincial Finance in 2022.Regional performance target table The departments in sichuan province Sichuan province home office on December 30, 2021, annex 1 left left left in annex 2 area performance target table (total) source | departments in sichuan province’s official website

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