Xining will add 6,200 pre-school and primary and secondary school degrees

Report from our correspondent (reporter boat) reporter learned that, in 2022, xining education will focus on the core problems such as lack of resources, shortage of high quality resources, plans to invest 1.68 billion yuan, the implementation of preschool education, compulsory education, high school education, 78, the five categories of education resources expansion project, the new preschool degree, 1200, 5000 degree of primary and secondary schools,Focus on strengthening the weak board, strong and weak items, solid advantages, and constantly improve the ability of Xining education to serve the province.First, it plans to invest 1.25 billion yuan to implement 47 projects, including Hutai Middle School in Xining city, Chunhui Primary School in Downtown District and Doba Qingyuan School in Huangzhong District.Among them, xining No.7 Middle School Phase II, Chunhui Primary School, Taoyuan Primary School and other 9 projects started construction within the year, mingyuan School, Wenyi Primary School, Shanchuan School and other 7 projects were put into use, further expanding the supply of high-quality resources for compulsory education.Second, it plans to invest 130 million yuan to implement 20 projects such as the relocation of Xining Nursery school and Wenyuan Kindergarten in Chengxi District. In 2022, 2 projects will be put into use and 12 will be completed to further expand inclusive pre-school education resources and accelerate the construction and expansion of pre-school projects.Third, we plan to invest 170 million yuan to accelerate the construction of six projects, including Ningzhi Middle School, Doba No. 2 Senior Middle School in Huangzhong District and Datong No. 2 Middle School, to improve the conditions for running high schools and optimize the structure of running high schools, so as to better adapt to the comprehensive reform of college entrance examination and the reform of education methods in ordinary high schools.Fourth, it plans to invest 44.52 million yuan to implement the construction of three industry-education integration training bases for secondary vocational schools, namely Xining, Huangyuan and Datong Vocational School, to accelerate the construction of training bases for secondary vocational schools, extend the space for running vocational schools, continuously optimize the structure and layout of vocational schools, and strive to improve the level and level of running schools.Fifth, it plans to invest 70 million yuan to complete the main construction of the youth off-campus training base in Chengbei District.

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