White Dragon horse incarnate on the column, is it a reward or punishment?

White dragon horse is not “Ming or dark punishment”, tathagata let him turn into a golden dragon, entrenched in the West of the mountain on the column become eight tianlong, and did not mistreat him.In journey to the West, the journey to the West is ninety-nine and eighty-one difficult. After fourteen years, the journey has been one hundred thousand and eight thousand li, and the long road needs to be walked step by step without clouds or fog. As the Monkey King complained, “The road to the West is so rugged.The Monk of tang’s monk of a flesh every womb, even if his mind is firm, so far road he also worry, especially “journey to the West” in Tang’s monk take sutras, how many return to take a point to be forced by the emperor of meaning, more worry of headache.This highlighted the importance of foot strength, Tang King Li Shimin sent Tang Priest to get scriptures, gave him a very nice white horse.But this white horse is destined to be cannon fodder, because it has no special origin origin, so no matter how excellent, are destined to only as an ordinary horse, walk to the eagle sorrow stream when, become the lunch of small white dragon.In journey to the West, Guanyin Bodhisattva once said, “Do you think how can a horse who came from the east survive such a long journey?How can we get to the Buddha land of lingshan?You must have got the dragon horse.”It is a little contrary to the Buddhist concept of equality, but it is also true that the average life span of vama in the East is 30 to 35 years and the longest is 60 years, but the age of servitude is only 3 to 15 years.Moreover, this horse has no magic power. Even if it is not eaten by the white dragon, it is likely to be eaten by other demons. Even if it is not eaten by demons, it may be unable to run halfway, and even if it gets to the west, it may be overturned by the old turtle and drowned in the river after taking buddhist scriptures.To put it simply, the pilgrimage to the West is not something ordinary mortals can do, and the threshold of the pilgrimage team is very high, at least in the last life must be immortals.In fact, it is a few deities who have committed a crime in the disaster, ordinary mortals who have this qualification?Small white dragon he is a dragon, and the identity of dignity, this is the west Sea dragon king ao run of the three prince, because young brimming do not know why set fire to the temple of pearl, the pearl must be the origin of extraordinary tianting royal grant, so it will therefore violate the tiao.West Sea dragon king in order to save the people, can only sacrifice a small white dragon, personally to the Jade emperor accused him of disobedience, the Jade Emperor sentenced him to death.He was about to be cut off and reincarnated again. Guanyin bodhisattva came to him and gave him a chance to be transformed by a buddhist monk.The Bodhisattva, however, left the little white dragon in the eagle Sorrow Stream to wait for Tang Priest and went to find a sutras.Poor little white dragon stayed alone in the wild mountains, not even an upside down female goblin, and had to fight the wild to satisfy their hunger, accidentally ate tang Priest’s horse.Later, the misunderstanding was solved. Guanyin bodhisattva turned the little white dragon into a white horse and asked him to carry the Tang Priest to the West for scriptures. The little white dragon finally infiltrated the system.Although this way can only eat grass, but the total than not to eat a lot of stronger, after all, he in addition to carrying tang’s monk when foot force, in most of the checkpoints are unknown to the public standing in the original place to stay, rarely output to help hit the monster.Out of that time Tang’s monk drove away Sun Wukong, was yellow robe monster into a tiger, eight quit, sand monk have no message, the small white dragon worried “if I don’t save Tang’s monk today, this work fruit rest!For him!”That’s when the beautiful maid came to fight the yellow robe.Somebody else’s yellow robe is descent, small white dragon dozen however he, instead of being kicked back, this is advice on small white dragon only once come to help, other time Ann defends his duty to do a horse, repeatedly by the devil with tang’s monk, luggage, at most is also a long run and jump HSS, neither human help, also didn’t say a word,There are even two almost pig eight quit to sell money, ready to give Tang’s monk’s death, small white dragon also did not express protest.It can be seen that he is really cherish this opportunity to learn from experience, very want to achieve positive results, re-ranked in the fairy class.He is not at the beginning of the edge of the rebellious youth, narrowly escaped the experience of his rapid growth than anyone is sensible.Learn from the team all the way beat strange upgrade, finally got the positive fruit.Tathagata said to the small white dragon: “add up your job zhengguo, for eight days of dragon horse”, after listening to, white dragon horse Xie, in lingshan cliff changed in the dragon pool, became a golden dragon, coiled in the gate on the column.There is no doubt that the little white dragon was rewarded with an upgrade.He was just a white dragon on earth, but now he has become a golden dragon in heaven.The five-claw golden dragon in ancient Chinese mythology is already the supreme existence of the dragon clan. After all, only the emperor who claims to be the real dragon and the son of Heaven is qualified to wear the dragon robe embroidered with five-claw golden dragon.In addition, I don’t think the small white dragon plate on the pillar is a kind of punishment, tathagata to punish the merit of sutras, is not self-destruction reputation, but also let him plate so high, who can not feel cold to see it?The dragon itself has a habit of dishing things, after the transformation of the small white dragon gold body, dishing on the pillar and now office workers sitting on the chair, fat people lying on the sofa is very comfortable.Small white dragon as entrenched in the west of the eight tianlong Huabiao column, in fact, is also a very good post.Deities and Buddhas practice and their positions are different. Don’t Buddhas like Buddha and Avalokitesvara get tired of sitting in meditation on the lotus platform every day?Aren’t arhats tired of posing all day?Maitreya Buddha smiling every day is not tired?In fact, it is good to get used to.Nanshan orange warm/text

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