The Ministry of Education announced today that the nearest school, can bring fire school district, teachers and other 5 groups welcome good news

Today, many people concerned about the property market have noticed one thing, that is, the Ministry of Education in 2022 work main points officially released.According to the work points put forward by the Ministry of Education in 2022, there is a clear conclusion for everyone concerned about school district housing, that is, “nearby enrollment”.At the same time, also carried on the complete elaboration to the nearby enrollment, mainly summarized as nine words “examination free nearby enrollment full coverage”.There are three key words: 1, exemption.Compulsory education stage does not need to take an exam, the school that delimits by area place signs up reads.2, the nearest.In terms of the distance between housing and school, it is mainly “near”, which is convenient for children to go to and from school.3. Full coverage.As long as they are of school age, they are guaranteed 100 percent admission.For those who care about the property market, for families with children who may enter school later this year, focus on one of the key words: “nearby”.This nearby, can be understood as the original cognition of the partition into the “school district housing”, therefore, buyers, as soon as they see the focus of the Ministry of Education in 2022, they began to shout “School district housing hi hi!””School district room” can take up the decision of three points: 1, the school teachers, how the style of learning, how the quality of education over the years.If all three are good, housing in a subdivision near the school could be good news.2. Whether the existing teacher resources of the school are fixed, whether there will be no change in districts or schools, but excellent teachers flow among schools.This is important because the gap between schools is largely determined by the quality of their teachers.If there is turnover, the advantage of school districts is diminished when the good teachers you have come to expect go to other schools when your children enroll.Therefore, in the case of not much school flow of teachers, “school district housing” is good news.3. Whether multi-school comprehensive grading will be implemented.At present, there are often multiple primary and secondary schools in a certain area.If there are both good schools and bad schools in the neighborhood of the house, it is possible to enter the school that is not ideal in the case of multi-school joint zoning.Of course, if the housing area surrounding schools are high quality echelon, no matter how divided, are stable in the selection of excellent.So, this kind of “school district housing” continues to welcome good news.Therefore, today to see the Ministry of Education “examination free nearby enrollment full coverage” of friends, can not be one-sided to understand, comprehensive comparison, in the choice of “school district housing” may be more satisfied.Of course, the Ministry of Education today released the key points of work in 2022, not only to the “school district housing” form a direct positive, good information for teachers, students and collectivization methods.1, teachers welcome good news.Clearly stated in the implementation of the strategic position of priority development of education.We will ensure that the average salary of teachers in compulsory education is no lower than that of local civil servants.For teachers in many cities, this year’s salary has the opportunity to improve, and belongs to the rise of the list.2, method agencies welcome good news.The mechanism for ensuring funding for education was strengthened.In this year’s key work clearly put forward, to improve and implement the public kindergartens per student financial allocation standard or per student public funds standard, inclusive private kindergartens per student subsidy standard, improve the salary income level of kindergarten teachers.3. There is also good news for students. In the key work of this year, it is emphasized that the “double reduction” work should continue to be placed in a prominent position and the top priority.We will consolidate the achievements made in reducing the number of disciplinary training institutions, and intensify efforts to investigate and punish the training of invisible variations.4, private education group approach to welcome good news.The Ministry of Education emphasized in the focus of work in 2022 that it should “develop guidance on collectivization of school running.We will establish an effective mechanism for using social resources to support school education, teaching and after-school services.5, on behalf of the class teachers welcome good news.Equal pay for teachers is coming.There is good news for those who have not been appointed as teachers in public schools.This is mainly reflected in two aspects: first, the opportunity of obtaining the official recruitment, because the Ministry of Education has emphasized in the key work of 2022 that it will strengthen the recruitment and verification of teachers in public kindergartens.The second is the opportunity to obtain the same salary and treatment, the Ministry of Education clearly requires “equal pay for equal work to implement the treatment of teachers.”

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