The Lincoln brand pays tribute to a century of elegance and innovation, and starts a new journey of intellectualization and electrification

Lincoln marks the 100th anniversary of the brand, stay true to its original mission, “wise” to inspire the future, and start a new journey of intelligent and electrified development. · Looking back over the past 100 years, The Lincoln brand has led many industry innovations, such as door opening design, electronic instruments, keyless entry and symphony prompt, and constantly expanding the boundaries of elegant design.· February 4, 2022 is the 100th anniversary of Lincoln as a member of the Ford Group, on the occasion of the critical development of the brand, Lincoln will continue the good momentum of the brand in the world, and fulfill the promise of electrification. February 4, 1922,Henry Ford, with the support and encouragement of his wife Clara and son Edsel Ford, bought The Lincoln Motor Company from the famous inventor and automotive engineer Henry Leland for $8 million.The deal also marks the formal creation of Lincoln, a pre-eminent American luxury car brand.”We are at a critical juncture in the evolution of the Lincoln brand, and looking back over 100 years can better help us seek inspiration for the future.”We have struck a good balance between staying true to the core values of luxury brands and creating products and experiences that are younger.”JoyFalotico, president of Lincoln worldwide, said, “as we celebrate the Lincoln brand’s 100th anniversary, it also comes as we move into an electrified future, and I look forward to leading the Lincoln brand into its next 100 years.”As Lincoln celebrates its 100th anniversary and reflects on its glorious history, it also has an eye on the brand’s future.Lincoln brand is committed to creating a unique lineup of electrified products and intelligent connected technology to create a leisurely and carefree car experience for customers.”Lincoln’s classic look and performance have become a unique identity for the brand.””I am excited to see Lincoln continue its second century of success in China and North America as we embrace an electrified future with smart connected technology and always-on customer experience,” said Jim Farley, President and CEO of Ford Motor Company.The early success of the Lincoln brand was largely due to the influence of Edsel Ford.Shortly after completing the acquisition, he served as Lincoln’s first president until his death in 1943.His ambition was best expressed in one of his famous quotes: “My father made the most popular car, but I want to make a classic that will last forever.”Edsel Ford always puts design and style in the first place, making personalized customization service at your fingertips and creating many elegant, exquisite and excellent products with reasonable pricing.Lincoln firmly believed that cars were more than transportation.This belief has been the cornerstone of the rise of the Lincoln brand.In 1936, Lincoln introduced the Zephyr, Lincoln’s first car with a streamlined body design.The Lincoln Continental debuted in 1939 as a personal vehicle and quickly became a design model, creating a niche for personal luxury sedans in the United States.In 1952, edsel’s son, WilliamClay Ford, was appointed special product operations manager in charge of the engineering and design team that launched the Continental’s successor, the ContinentalMark II.This model is considered by many to be one of the greatest cars of all time.Looking back at the history of the brand, Lincoln has created many innovative technologies and features that are ahead of their time and continue to do so today.The following are some important milestones in the history of the Lincoln brand: 1955: Lincoln introduces the ContinentalMark II model into the showroom 1961: Lincoln adopts the pair door design for the first time on the Continental model 1977:1980: The speedometer, gas gauge and vehicle information display are electronic, and keyless entry is introduced for the first time. 1987: Lincoln’s first front-wheel drive model. 1994: Seat and rearview mirror memory adjustment via remote control.2017: Lincoln releases the all-new Navigator Concept car, once again leading the full-size luxury SUV segment with a new design and innovative configurations including 30-way electrically adjusted seats:In order to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Continental, Lincoln launched the 80th anniversary version of the 2018-2019 model with the design of a pair of doors: the symphony notes recorded by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra;Unveiling the all-new Lincoln Aviator and Lincoln Adventurer Corsair models for 2021:Designed for Chinese younger generation “think tank” customer innovation to build the first China made cars – new Lincoln Z in the guangzhou international motor show global debut, Lincoln Z has become a brand in the future design of vane to redefine the Lincoln brand in one hundred, Lincoln brand has focused on proactive innovation practice, and stick to the core value.While keeping the product fresh, create more models to meet consumer expectations.Launched in 2018, the fourth generation Of Lincoln Navigator lights up the rise of the Lincoln brand.This new flagship SUV model is equipped with 30-way electrically adjusted seats and other luxurious configurations for the first time, which perfectly integrates modern luxury and innovative technology, bringing first-class comfortable experience for family travel, and starting the road of rapid development of Lincoln automobile that continues to this day.”Every brand that goes through 100 years is absolutely not accidental.Lincoln has had a wonderful century, created countless legends and built a brand with attitude, temperature and story.”Anning Chen, Vice president of Ford Motor Company group, president and CEO of Ford China, said, “In the future, I believe Lincoln will continue to change himself, accumulate solid achievements and achieve greater goals and ideals.”In the Chinese market, Lincoln has successfully implemented the localization strategy, and the annual sales volume of Lincoln Adventurer in 2021 exceeded 50,000 units.Last November, Lincoln Z, the first “smart” sedan made in China, completed its global debut at guangzhou Auto Show and officially opened for pre-sale. So far, it has received more than 3,000 orders, bringing the American luxury experience with The Times to young Chinese customers.Lincoln China continues to accelerate the iteration and upgrade of “The Way of Lincoln” 2.0, and innovatively launches One ID, which deeply integrates digital technology with customer experience. Customers can log in to all Lincoln digital platforms with unique ID, enjoying “wisdom” and convenience.In addition, the way of the world’s first new Lincoln experience center is built in China, it is designed to the American luxury club, fusion the most pure luxury experience, vivid and rich American digital interconnection technology, diversified ecological experience of customers to create a space, is committed to be construction, experience and social “tide gauge”,Created a new retail model that subverts the industry tradition.”Looking back one hundred years, Lincoln grew up in the test, with faith to write a legend, with a classic model, witnessed the brilliant development of the automotive industry.”MAO Jingbo, president of Lincoln China, said, “Standing at the starting point of the new century, I hope Lincoln can accompany our customers to witness every unforgettable and important moment in their lives, and truly enter their hearts.In the next century, Lincoln aims at China!”Bearing in mind the hundred years of design and innovation, Lincoln precipitated the American luxury property, has been incisively and vividly demonstrated through the current product lineup and customer experience, but this is not the end, will continue in the future.Lincoln is promoting the continuous evolution of product design concepts, to the direction of intelligent, electrified.Lincoln will roll out a complete lineup of intellectually connected and electrified products worldwide by 2030.Lincoln has launched a year-long global campaign to celebrate the brand’s 100th anniversary.This series of events connects the brand’s past, present and exciting future to begin the next century of Lincoln’s journey.The new Lincoln Way Experience Center

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