Taiwan youth at a loss?Tsai ing-wen cannot stop a large number of people from “defecting” to the mainland

Taiwan’s youth ‘cornered’?A large number of people may “defection” to the mainland, tsai Ing-wen administration can not stop.According to The Straits Herald on February 13, citing Hong Kong media, COVID-19 has been ravages the world for more than two years. With the popularization of vaccines, the epidemic should see the dawn within this year.There is a great opportunity to restart cross-Straits exchanges that have been blocked by the epidemic.In addition, the outbreak is expected to usher in a new wave of Taiwan’s “westward” outbreak.It is reported that the cross-strait relations in the past two years have been at their lowest since Ma Ying-jeou took office in 2008 and the exchanges between the two sides began.Recently, it is like the “darkness before dawn”, with many advantages and dangers in the Taiwan Strait.The DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party (DPP) is closely tied to the United States to “confront the mainland” and deliberately prevents Taiwan people from favouring the mainland.But all this will change after the resumption of exchanges between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits. What people see is what people believe, and the situation will completely change when people from Taiwan start to travel to the mainland, look for business opportunities and find jobs.The report said that before the epidemic, Taiwan had seen a wave of “westward movement”, with many young people moving to the mainland to work, not only for Taiwanese businesses, but also for foreign companies or mainland companies.After the outbreak, some Taiwanese working in the mainland returned to Taiwan.When the epidemic is over, there will be a wave of retaliatory growth in the mainland’s economy. In addition to the technology industry, the growth of the service industry in Taiwan will be limited if tourists from the mainland do not come. It is believed that the “westward wave” in Taiwan will resume after the epidemic, and may even surpass the previous wave.The average salary in the mainland’s first – and second-tier cities has surpassed that of Taiwan, and the quality of life is on par with that of Taiwan, the report said.China’s rise will accelerate cross-strait flows, and the DPP authorities cannot stop the powerful economic incentives to promote exchanges.After the resumption of the flow of people across the Straits, it is no good for the DPP authorities to remain “black” if they want, which is also conducive to peace and stability across the Straits.As a matter of fact, the Taiwanese people have many choices for their future. If there is peace on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, everyone will enjoy a better life. Why should they be bound by the United States and put themselves in the front line of “confrontation” between the mainland and the United States?

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