Jia Ling’s success was due to a “mistake”

This Spring Festival, the weather in southern China is particularly cold, overcast, rainy, many people out of the plan to pay New Year’s visit, so they can only stay at home with their families to watch TV.When it comes to watching TV, how can there be no Spring Festival Gala?As the annual Spring Festival Gala, the Spring Festival Gala carries the expectations of many audiences.Whenever it broadcast, see the screen of those familiar host faces, listening to the jubilant music, we have the feeling of the New Year.And in the whole evening, the most popular is often full of comedy sketch program.Comedians like Jia Ling have naturally become regular guests of the Gala.This year, jia Ling has been on the gala for the eighth time.She and zhang Xiaofi, the new golden chicken after the film, for the audience brought the performance of the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law contradiction of the program “double happiness”, relying on a few homonym dish attracted the audience belly laugh.There is no doubt that Jia Ling is a big comedic figure, just like Shen Teng, who makes people feel full of joy.But 21 years ago, she probably wouldn’t have expected to be in the position she is now.Jia Ling, who has enjoyed a comfortable life in comedy, has a dramatic life experience.She came from a poor family of four, besides her father and mother, there was an older sister.Although home conditions are not good, but win in the family atmosphere harmony, young Jia Ling in the family’s care, gradually grow into a cheerful and optimistic girl.At the age of 12, she went to an art school to study acting.At that time, her dream was to become a famous actress like Zhang Ziyi.With this dream in mind, she decided to major in drama acting in China Drama When applying for college.Unfortunately, she lost the election that time.The next year, Jia Ling fought for the central Opera again. While applying for the major of drama, she also chose the crosstalk major, which was relatively unpopular at that time.I just want to go to college.This time, she was lucky enough to pass both majors.However, due to her mother’s wrong choice, Jia eventually missed out on her dream major and went to study crosstalk.While the major that amused the public suited Jia’s likable personality, it was still mostly a male field.It’s hard for a girl to get a seat here.After graduation, Jia could not get a job in her major due to gender restrictions, and had to rely on some part-time jobs to make ends meet.During her worst days, she had to live in a basement of less than 10 square meters in Beijing.No heat in winter, no air conditioning in summer, food and clothing all rely on the same bed.The girls in the class have changed careers, only she is struggling to adhere to.Fortunately, her performance talent and willing to bear hardships by Feng Gong see in the eye, then the other side is taking her, walked out of that gloomy time.In 2010, Jia and her partner Bai Kai Nan performed skits on the Spring Festival Gala, successfully impressing the audience with their impressive performance.After that, she continued to work hard and eventually became a major role in comedy.There is a saying that a woman speaking crosstalk is like walking into the wrong bath.But “choose wrong” professional Jia Ling, simply ran out of fame on this road.Now, Jia Ling has become a comedian known to all ages, and “fat” has become one of the most obvious labels and topics on her body.When “Hello Li Huanying” went viral last year, a “vow” about Jia ling also went viral.’If you hit $3 billion at the box office, you become a lightning bolt,’ she said.The crowd cheered and looked forward to the result of Jia ling’s successful weight loss.Of course, that promise never materialized, and in 2022, she still looks the same as we remember.Actually, she didn’t look like this at first.Through a group of comparison can be seen, the first Spring Festival Gala Jia Ling, or very thin.But feng Gong, her teacher, told her that being too good looking as a comedian would be bad for her work.So she put on weight.He lost his slim figure, but he gained fame.Well, that’s a loss and a gain.Some fans also worry that her obesity could cause her health problems.To this, Jia Ling says, actually oneself also had tried all sorts of methods reducing weight, but failed one by one.She gets skin allergies when she goes on a diet and palpitation symptoms when she gets face-thinning injections.For health reasons, she simply stopped fiddling with her body.Although compared with the previous self, her figure “out of shape”, but does not affect everyone’s love for her.For Jia Ling’s popularity, Shen Teng once commented: men like him, women do not envy her.There is also a saying on the Internet: if a man is not popular, it depends on whether he has a CP video with Jia Ling.A few years ago, descendants of the Sun, a South Korean TV drama, became popular all over the country. Song Joong-ki, the actor who played the lead role, also gained a lot of fans.During his first appearance in Happy Camp, Jia Ling gave him a sweet hug.Watching this scene, the fans not only did not “jealous”, but also thanked her, allowing Song Joong Ki to participate in the show with a relaxed attitude.In the variety show “Trump card versus Trump Card”, Jia Ling incarnated as “Shan CAI” and had a romantic interaction with the idol actor Yan Chengxu.Her fans were envious of her close encounter with her idol.When she and Fan C Cheng staged “sister brother CP”, we just want to soul wear Jia Ling.Image source watermark other female artists and idol male star group CP, free from the fans of the shelling.Only Jia Ling’s “intimate” interaction with the male gods won’t turn fans off.The reason, some people think that because she is fat, looks very cute, at the same time not aggressive and threatening, not afraid of her “steal” their idol.But is that really all there is to it?In fact, without the support of personality charm, the appearance of pleasing is only temporary.Apart from her humor, jia Ling’s most endearing feature is probably her high emotional intelligence.Speaking of Jia Ling’s “high emotional intelligence”, can not help but remind people that she was in bao B son’s wedding to protect Liu Yan.That year, Liu Yan dressed in bridesmaid clothes, happily followed the public to congratulate the new couple, a group of men with malicious intentions by playing by the head, she lifted, to throw into the water.In her helplessness, with her little intersection of Jia Ling to come forward, while using their own body block in front of her, while laughing shouted, give red envelopes on the line!A “catastrophic event” was prevented and no one was embarrassed by the joke.After the event, in the face of public opinion disputes on the Internet, Jia Ling only said that we are very good friends, the matter is not as serious as everyone imagined.Understatement, will own “credit” over, and for public opinion both sides of the solution.In addition, in 2014, she in the Golden Eagle festival rescue interview, also can be called a good story.On that occasion, the event went awry and the atmosphere cooled as no one was available after reporters interviewed celebrities.The organizer arranged jia Ling to come on stage to save the day, but no one asked questions for half a day.She said, “Am I not angry anymore?Don’t you have any gossip to ask?”The reporters burst into laughter, and the impasse was so easily resolved by her sentence.Really strong!Over the years, Jia Ling has been active in various variety shows, often deftly resolving others’ embarrassment in front of others and protecting people around her without showing any trace.When someone questioned Y morning small mouth because of the whole face, she asked Y morning smile, is it because talk as close as possible mouth;When the guests mentioned L Han and turned their eyes to Guan X Tong, she directly stood in front of Guan Xiaotong and asked everyone: What are you looking at me for?She not only brought joy to us in front of the TV, but also made the people around her feel full of security.Who could not love Such Jia Ling?What is more valuable is her edge.Although jia Ling is kind and generous, she is not a pussycat.Those who knew her well knew that her mother’s death was a constant source of grief.But on a reality show, the host tried to spice things up by asking questions like “It’s hard for you to leave your mother.”Jia Ling, who was always happy, cursed back on the spot.She was accused of acting like a celebrity, but after explaining the incident, netizens rallied to her support.Treat people with sincerity, kindness and edge.Jia Ling has really become the look that everyone likes and admires.May we all be like her, magnanimous and generous, confident and radiant!

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