Highlights of important announcements of listed companies on April 6: BYD in the first three months of the cumulative sales of new energy vehicles increased by 422.97% year on year

Fengcheng area three important announcement: AnYuan coal: to halt production in coal mine SST giti: stock could be implement delisting risk warning byd: before march new energy vehicles and accumulative total sales rose 422.97% from a big city, plans to spend 200 million yuan to 400 million yuan to buy back shares bear appliances: Shanghai warehouse fire happens in these important announcements of cooperation: to move far communication:ITC products are not involved in infringement of Philips PatentThe us international trade commission (ITC) administrative law judge preliminary results showed that the products of the company does not involve the infringement of the patent right for philips, did not violate the provisions of article 337 of the tax law “America 1930 years ago, the company to apply for the general exclusion, limited exclusion order and restraining order request was not approved by the ITC, the products of the company can still normal export to the United States.The 337 investigation did not have a substantial impact on the company’s production and operation.Announcement: Quzhou subsidiary affected by the outbreak of temporary production lines to resume work and production in an orderly manner from April 4, The subsidiary of Quzhou previously on March 17, to take cobalt smelting, recycling part of the production line temporary production measures.The company said that the temporary production reduction is expected to have a certain adverse impact on the company’s near-term operating performance, and the specific impact depends on subsequent periodic reports and temporary announcements.AnYuan coal: fengcheng area three to halt production in coal mines AnYuan coal (600397) announcement: to seriously implement the national spirit, the entire province safety in production picturephone meeting, the company decided to since April 2, GSM, qujiang of fengcheng area belongs to shed 3 coal mine, shanxi coal mine and the flow of the company for the production of coal mine production.The company’s approved annual production capacity of the above three pairs of mines is 1.23 million tons, and it will produce 88,000 tons of commercial coal in 2020, achieving an operating revenue of 685 million yuan, accounting for 9.0% of the company’s annual operating revenue.Daming City (600094) Announcement: The company intends to use its own funds to repurchase a-share shares of the company. The total amount of funds to be used in the repurchase is not less than 20,000 yuan and not more than 40,000 yuan, and the repurchase price is not more than 5.76 yuan per share.The repurchased shares will be used for cancellation and sale, and the amount of shares to be used for cancellation of registered capital and for sale in the secondary market shall not exceed half of the total amount of the repurchased shares.Longji Shares: Yunnan Provincial Development and Reform Commission cancelled the preferential electricity price policies and measures enjoyed by the company longji Shares (601012) announcement: The company received a letter from Yunnan Provincial Development and Reform Commission on April 1:The preferential electricity price policies and measures enjoyed by the company in Yunnan Province will be cancelled. From September 1, 2021, all electricity prices of the company will be settled directly with power grid enterprises through electricity market transaction.By the end of 2021, the company’s slicing capacity in Yunnan accounted for about 54% of the company’s total capacity.Since the company’s investment projects in Yunnan province can no longer implement the electricity price agreed by both parties in the original cooperation agreement, the production cost of the invested enterprises in Yunnan Province will be increased to a certain extent. The electricity cost accounts for about 15% of the whole process processing cost of silicon wafers, which will have a certain adverse impact on the company’s profits.Announcement of China Nuclear Power (601985) : As of March 31, the cumulative commercial power generation capacity in the first quarter of 2022 is 47.034 billion KWH, with a year-on-year growth of 15.52%.Online electricity was 44.442 billion KWH, up 16.56% year on year.SST giti: stock could be implement delisting risk warning SST giti tire (600182) announcement: given wintop accounting firm (special ordinary partnership) in the company first draft of the 2021 annual financial statements audit report issued by the preliminary opinions, the company expects 2021 annual financial and accounting reports are inexpressible opinions issued by the audit report.According to relevant regulations, the company’s stock may be delisted risk warning.Important announcements in Shenzhen: BYD: in the first Three months of the cumulative sales of new energy vehicles increased by 422.97% year on year, BYD (002594) announcement: the company in March 2022 new energy vehicle sales of 104,878, the same period last year was 24,218;The total sales volume of new energy vehicles this year was 286,329, up 422.97% year on year.According to the strategic development needs of the company, the company will stop the whole vehicle production of fuel vehicles from March 2022.In the future, in the automotive sector, the company will focus on pure electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle business.At the same time, the company will continue to carry out the production and supply of fuel automobile parts, and continue to provide perfect service and after-sales guarantee for existing fuel automobile customers, as well as the supply of spare parts throughout the life cycle.Chutianlong (003040) announcement: The company has cooperated with some industry customers to carry out the test of electronic ID card related products, and currently there is no electronic ID card related business.The company has participated in the digital RMB pilot projects of several operating institutions, and digital RMB is still in the pilot stage. So far, the revenue from related businesses accounts for a low proportion of the company’s overall revenue.”Joe creature: end to A particular object issue stock items and withdrawing the application documents supporting biology (300583) announcement: given the current capital market environment, financing the change of time, in combination with the practical situation of the company and the future development plan, the company decided to terminate 2021 to issue a-share stock items for specific objects and apply to the shenzhen stock exchange has withdrawn his application for the relevant document.Notice: the company’s warehouse warehouse supply chain fire accident, the warehouse supply chain commitment to the company in the accident caused by the loss of all liability for compensation.According to the preliminary statistics, the value of the damaged goods entrusted by the warehouse supply chain to keep and provide delivery services is about 55 million yuan.The company through the emergency allocation of inventory products, so that the fire accident on the recent sales and delivery of small impact.Announcement of China Merchants Shekou (001979) : The company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Great Wall Asset and Kaisa Group to carry out cooperation in urban renewal, real estate development, commercial complex operation and other fields.The three parties will jointly explore ways of equity cooperation, asset transfer and joint operation for existing commercial and residential development and commercial complex operation.For incremental projects, combined with the advantages of all parties, joint acquisition and development.Al: new materials, a subsidiary of lithium battery wet diaphragm project part of the production line pilot run successful al (300586) announcement: new materials company subsidiary maxime new completed two two-way stretch film production line and coating production line of form a complete set of construction work and pilot run successfully, 3 # 4 # production line into the equipment installation phase, the rest of the production line is also to speed up the construction.According to the company, the industrialization construction project of wet diaphragm for lithium battery is an important layout of the company’s new energy track, and it will take some time for the project to reach full production from partial production.Announcement: After receiving the notice of Li Shuibo, the controlling shareholder and actual controller of the company, Guo Hongfei, the senior manager, and Zhu Mengyong, the secretary of the board of directors, China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) decided to file a case against the three and investigate the relevant situation.The company said that the investigation is aimed at three individuals.Haomei New Material: safety accident occurred in subsidiary Haomei New Material (002988) announcement: The company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Exquisite special material melting and casting workshop no. 9 furnace explosion accident occurred in the process of production.The accident left four people dead and one seriously injured. The injured have been sent to hospital for treatment.At present, the competent government departments have set up an accident investigation team to investigate and deal with the accident, and the company has urgently started to comfort the families and other aftermath work.(Editor Lee Bo)

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