Fallu’s relegation situation is worrying, Koimbo is a demotion favourite and Sandhausen is in good form recently

Portugal: Ferra VS Faru Match Time: 2022-02-09 02:00 Match analysis: The past 20 years record: each team won 3 games and ended in a draw.From the point of the play record of past two teams in the Portuguese league level, the two teams was remarkably consistent over the past 20 years of record, but from the performance of the two teams in the league this season, in phila too much person compares French lu, Geraldine ferraro people currently a championship in Portugal this season 5 position, the distance the first three avi river team also only 3 points,There is still a chance to compete for the slot.Ferra is not in a particularly good state at the moment, with only 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses in the last 5 rounds of matches. It may be difficult for them to reach the top three of The Portuguese league, but they still have a chance to maintain their current ranking.The visitors’ ers are: lu method robust performance in the Portuguese league this season is very bad, they are now a 15th championship in Portugal, the team from outside the relegation zone only 2 points of difference, a carelessly may be behind the team will match even surpassed the championship, then people will go to dozen demotioneing run lu play-offs.The biancocelesti have moved up the table with two wins from their last two games, but they will be unlucky to face the in-form ferra away from home.Field: Favoring the Ferrars to win.Amadola VS University of Coimbu Portugal: Amadola VS University of Coimbu Portugal: Amadola VS University of CoimbuAmadora star team this season is a stateful serious side, away in the round on their 3-0 defeat to the team avoid relegation method ers, lu amadora star team home record this season is not very good, although they got home five victories, occupy more than half of games this season, but they also have up to 4 defeat at home,More than half of the team’s losses this season.So home is not a big bonus for the team, the amadora stars are currently seventh in the table, the team has only won the last five games, the overall form and performance is relatively mediocre.The visiting Team coimbu UniversityAlthough in the past 10 games play amadora star team of advantage is not obvious, but the two teams this season but the gap is very large, secco YingBu university, was suddenly dropped in this season is also very depressed, secco YingBu university at present in a very bad the worst record in the table, although they are not big gap and penultimate tianjin team,However, the team is six points adrift of the relegation bonus zone, making it difficult to catch up.This game: Favor the Amadora Stars.Karlsruhe VS Sonderhausen In the German Bundesliga: carlsruhe v Sonderhausen in the German Bundesliga: Karlsruhe v Sonderhausen in the German Bundesliga: Karlsruhe v Sonderhausen in the German Bundesliga: Karlsruhe v SonderhausenKarlsruhe dropped to 11th in the table after losing to Bundesliga rivals Werder Bremen in the last round of the league, and are not on the brink of relegation but still in danger of being relegated.Karlsruhe have had the second highest number of draws in the bundesliga this season, with eight draws in 20 games, which has meant that they have not been able to move up the standings. Karlsruhe have won two, drawn two and lost one of their last five games.The visiting team SandhausenRound on SangDeHao’s team at home 2-0 win over Mr Upton, got a crucial victory, the three precious points not only let the gap with relegation SangDeHao team, but also let their table to match the front of Dusseldorf, but currently SangDeHao sen is still in DE b outside the relegation zone, the team avoid relegation situation is still not optimistic.Sandhausen’s recent five rounds of matches have won two wins, two draws and one loss, the team’s condition has picked up.This game: good two teams draw.For more content, check out the legends of football

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