After one slap, the play is over

After Tao Meng slapped the presenter at the Academy Awards, Will Smith’s best Actor role ended.Streaming giant Netflix has quietly shelved Smith’s upcoming film Fast and Loose, while SONY has also suspended development of his upcoming film Jedi Men 4, foreign media reported Tuesday.In addition, his free The Slaves, which was due to be released on streaming service Apple TV+ this year, may be delayed.According to the Hollywood Reporter:Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and Vanity Fair reported on Wednesday that Netflix dropped The movie Fast and Loose starring Will Smith.The fallout from the Will Smith slapping incident has yet to subside.Netflix was reportedly working on a film project called Fast and Loose, in which Smith stars.But a week before The 94th Academy Awards (March 27), director David Leitch abruptly pulled out of The film to direct Universal pictures’ The Fall Guy, starring Ryan Gosling.Netflix made an urgent appeal for another director to take over Fast and Loose.But shortly after Smith slapped presenter Chris Rock on the Oscars stage, “Netflix quietly shelved the project.”With Smith winning the Best actor Oscar at the 94th Academy Awards and Fast and Loose being such a big project, often, even when a director leaves,It will also quickly attract other top directors.But after the slapping incident, Smith had to deal with these “anomalies.”However, The Hollywood Reporter notes that Netflix is understandably “cautious” about moving forward with the project, given the fallout from Smith’s slapping incident.It’s reportedly unclear whether Netflix will restart the Fast and Loose project.It’s also unclear whether Netflix would find a new lead actor for the project to replace Smith if it were redeveloped.In addition to ‘Fast and Loose,’ another new film starring Mr. Smith, ‘Bad Boys 4,’ is also on hold.SONY pictures had reportedly been “actively developing” a fourth jedi film following the box office success of the third.Smith received 40 pages of the script before the Oscar incident.But one source said “[the project] will now be put on hold”.”Other projects in pre-production are likely to do the same,” the REPORTER said.In addition to the two films in development, Mr. Smith has a film, “Emancipation,” which is in post-production and is expected to be released later.Antoine Fuqua directs the 2021 film, which stars Smith as Peter, a slave slave.The film is based on a true historical story, and “Peter” is based on a black slave named Gordon, whose battered back after being flogged by a plantation supervisor was published in 1863 as one of the most famous photographs of the cruelty of slavery in the United States, according to public information.In 2020, Warner Brothers, Apple, METRO-Goldwyn-Mayer, Lions Gate and Universal are vying for the global distribution rights of the film.Apple eventually paid a record sum of nearly $130 million for worldwide rights to the film.The film was originally set to premiere in theaters in 2022 and then go live on streaming service Apple TV+.However, due to Smith’s slapping incident, the release of “Free the Slaves” may be delayed.No release date has been set for the film, and Apple declined to comment when the Hollywood Reporter asked about a release schedule for Apple TV+.The Playlist, a movie review website, said on Tuesday that it would not be surprising if Apple made a compromise and delayed The release of The movie until next year, given The aftermath of The Oscars.Smith’s troubles, it should be noted, don’t stop there.Following the slapping incident, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences held a meeting on March 30 to file a disciplinary action against Smith for violating the organization’s standards of conduct, and said disciplinary action against Smith could include suspension, expulsion or other sanctions.On April 1, Smith issued a statement resigning from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.David Rubin, the school’s president, said in a statement that Mr. Smith’s resignation had been received and accepted, and that the school would continue disciplinary action against Mr. Smith until its second board meeting on April 18.Net source | observer the original title: “after a slap the play didn’t”

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