4-5 out!Africa Cup of Nations: Manchester United’s man turned sinner, Liverpool’s star laughs

Cote d ‘Ivoire takes on Egypt in the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations quarterfinal at 0 o ‘clock on January 27.After 120 minutes of a draw, with Bayley missing the penalty kick and ivory Coast hitting all five, ivory Coast lost 5-4 and missed out on the quarter-finals.Two-time African Cup winners Ivory Coast, ranked 56th in the world, boast the likes of Nicolas Pepe, Zaha, Casey, Bailly, Olivier and Allais and are worth nearly 300 million euros, second only to Senegal.Cote d ‘Ivoire was also one of the favourites to win the Africa Cup of Nations before the tournament began, ranking fifth among the odds.Ivory Coast won two games and drew one in the group stage, including a 3-1 win over defending champions Algeria in the final round to top the group and reach the last 16.Ivory Coast met Egypt, seven world champions, for the sixth time in the knockout stages of the Africa Cup of Nations.Ivory Coast didn’t play badly, leading 55-45 percent in possession and trailing 13-21 in shots, but had eight shots on target, three more than their opponents.The 40th minute, Sangalay inside the penalty area side volley volley, was the other side of the goalkeeper flying out.In the 45th minute, allai’s volley from the top of the area was again saved by the Egyptian keeper as the two sides went into the dressing room 0-0.In the 71st minute, Cote d ‘Ivoire took a corner kick. Sangare headed the ball and Allay, with a head kick, could not escape the Egyptian keeper.Allais has scored 10 goals in six group games in the Champions League this season, ahead of Robert Lewandowski, Mohamed Salah and Cristiano Ronaldo.But on this night, allais failed to score.The game ended in a brutal penalty shootout after 120 minutes of stalemate.The first two rounds, Pepe and Sangare hit, the two sides kicked into 2-2!Ivory Coast were 3-2 down in the third round when Omar Kamal netted a penalty saved by The Egyptian goalkeeper from Bayley’s spot kick.Cole and zaha then made penalties, but Egypt were too consistent and all five were on target.Ivory Coast lost 5-4 as Salah scored the final goal.After 24 years of waiting, Ivory Coast are on the losing side in their fifth Africa Cup of Nations knockout match against Egypt.At the final whistle, the Egyptian team celebrated, while ivory Coast slumped to the ground and even shed tears of disappointment.No one blames himself more than Bailly, the Manchester United defender who was partly responsible for Ivory Coast’s exit.Cameroon, Morocco, Egypt, Senegal, Gambia, Tunisia and Burkina Faso have advanced. The final ticket was decided between Equatorial Guinea and Mali.

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